Green Bottle Beer Brands, Complete Detail

Most people picture beer in green bottles that have little beads of condensation running down the sides. These iconic green bottles were created in the middle of the 19th century. Beer has been traveling in green bottles for a long time, it is obvious.

Many beer brands use green bottles. Heineken is the most well-known green bottled beer. However, there are many other brands that use green bottles. Other top-rated beers include Beck’s, Rolling Rock Stella Artois and Peroni, which all use green bottles.

Are you interested in learning more about green bottles and the brands that use them? This fascinating topic is covered in detail by us! Let’s get into it and find out all about these iconic green beer bottles.

Why Are Some Beer Comes In Green Bottles And Some Brown?

It’s fascinating to see the history of brown and green beer bottles. Green glass bottles were the first beer bottles. But, that’s because all glass at the time was green. Glass manufacturing was not as advanced back in the mid-19th Century like it is today.

Glass manufacturers had to work harder to get rid of impurities like ferrous ions. This caused glass to turn a greenish color. Even though glass manufacturing was progressing, many manufacturers still kept the tradition of preserving beer in green bottles.

In the 1930s, however, it was discovered beer can be stored in brown bottles for very long periods of time without affecting its taste. Because brown bottles can reflect more light than green ones, this is why they are so popular.

The beer inside was not “lightstruck”, which means that it didn’t develop a funky/skunky flavor after being stored in a glass container and exposed to UV rays for long periods of time.

Many new brewers have started to package their beer in brown bottles since that discovery. This is in an effort to preserve the beer’s flavor. Many other brewers chose to use the traditional green bottles and created a coating to protect the bottle from UV rays.

what brands of beers come in green bottles

Which Beer Brands Come in Green Bottles?

Many beer brands come in green bottles. Some brands have been around for years, and others are newer, but all of them went with the traditional green aesthetic.

Here is a list of top beer brands that come with green bottles:

  • Heineken- Introduced in 1873
  • Stella Artois- Origins date back to 1366!
  • Rolling Rock- Introduced in 1939
  • Beck’s- Introduced in 1873
  • Peroni- Introduced in 1846
  • Tuborg- Introduced in 1873
  • Yuengling- Introduced in 1829
  • And more!

What is the Difference Between Green and Brown Bottles?

The key difference between brown and green beer bottles is how well each can protect its contents from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays (UV). If beer is stored in a glass container that has been exposed to sunlight or other forms of UV light, it can have adverse effects.

Beer can smell or taste weird and skunky. The beer’s potency will not be affected by this, but the aromas and flavors may change, making your beverage less enjoyable.

The UV protection of green beer bottles is not as good as that of brown bottles. Because brown bottles are more resistant to UV rays, beer can be kept in them for longer periods of time without affecting its aroma or flavor.

Many companies have begun to coat glass bottles with a coating that protects the beverage from oxidizing due to modern manufacturing techniques and innovation.

The difference between a bottle’s color and protection is what makes it stand out in this age.

why do they make bottles green

Why Do They Make Bottles Green?

Green beer bottles were the norm back in those days. This was the most straightforward glass to make, and most breweries kept using it even after it became more popular. The green beer bottle became a symbol of tradition but has also become a symbol of something else over time.

Today, green bottles are used by brands for branding and marketing purposes. Because green bottles are associated with older companies, people feel more comfortable purchasing their products. If a company is around for more than 100 years, its product must be reliable and good.

Why Do German Beers Come In Green Bottles?

Today, German beers are sold in green bottles to honor tradition and market their products. Because green bottles are associated with European breweries of higher quality, customers will be able to identify which beer is worth their time when they visit a liquor shop.

The shortage of resources in World War 2 was the primary reason German beer was first bottled in green glass. There was also a shortage of brown glass at that time. Breweries were left with only two choices: clear or green.

Most breweries use green bottles to protect their beer from being “lightstruck”. This was a long-standing tradition that has been maintained ever since.

does beer in green bottles has different taste

Does Beer In Green Bottles Taste Different?

Every beer tastes different, which is why it’s so popular! The beer’s flavor doesn’t change with age, but it can sometimes be affected by the bottle color.

Beer stored in glass bottles for long periods of time in the sun will develop a skunky aroma and taste. It’s actually quite fascinating.

Exposure to UV rays can cause hops in beer to break down and interacts with other molecules. This will result in the production of a new molecule that is nearly identical to the one found in a skunk spray.

This only occurs when beer in green bottles is left out in direct sunlight for a prolonged period of time. This shouldn’t be an issue as most beer is shipped in temperature- and light-controlled environments.

You don’t want your Rolling Rock or Heineken bottle to go skunky if you are worried. It should be kept inside your fridge, or outside in a cooler.

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