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The Hateful 8: Anti-Gay Christian Leaders Praise Orlando Massacre

Pastor Roger Jimenez hailed the Orlando massacre of 50 mostly LGBT clubgoers, saying it was a "tragedy that more of them didn't die." (YouTube screen shot)

Pastor Roger Jimenez hailed the Orlando massacre of 50 mostly LGBT clubgoers, saying it was a “tragedy that more of them didn’t die.” (YouTube screen shot)

As expected, Islamic State religious leaders praised and thanked “God” for “caliphate soldier brother Omar Mateen,” who massacred 50 young men and women at an Orlando, Florida gay nightclub early Sunday morning. And as expected, their Christian fundamentalist opposites, with whom they share so much in common, rejoiced as well, spewing forth a torrent of Old Testament-inspired homophobia and predictable Islamophobia. Here are 8 of the most egregious offenders:

Pastor Roger Jimenez; Verity Baptist Church, Sacramento, CA: 

Pastor Jimenez was driving to church when he heard on the radio how Mateen “shot up and killed 50 sodomites.” “How is a Christian supposed to respond?” Jimenez asked during a Sunday sermon delivered just hours after the massacre. “As a Christian, we shouldn’t be mourning the death of 50 sodomites. As a Christian, we shouldn’t be sad or upset.”

“The Bible teaches that all sodomites are predators,” he continued, calling gays “vile, disgusting and dirty” and “wicked, evil people.”

“Every sodomite is a pedophile,” added Jimenez. “Are you sad that 50 pedophiles were killed today? Um no, I think that’s great! I think that helps society. I think Orlando, Florida is a little safer tonight. The tragedy is that more of them didn’t die. I’m upset that [Mateen] didn’t finish the job!”

“I wish the government would round them all up, put them up against a wall, put a firing squad in front of them and blow their brains out,” Jimenez told his followers during the shocking sermon. When pressed by CBS Sacramento about his vile views, Jimenez doubled down, citing Bible passages calling for the execution of gays.

“As far as the Bible is concerned, they crossed a line. The sin they performed is worthy of death,” he said. “I realize our society doesn’t take that, but that’s what the bible says. If someone does something that’s worthy of death and they end up dying, I’m not gonna mourn them.”

Pastor Steven Anderson; Faithful Word Baptist Church, Tempe, AZ:

Anderson, who has previously called for genocide against gays, posted a since-deleted YouTube video in which he said “the bright side” of Sunday’s slaughter was that there are now “50 less pedophiles in this world.”

“Because these homosexuals are a bunch of disgusting perverts and pedophiles. That’s who was the victim here—a bunch of just disgusting homosexuals at a gay bar,” Anderson explained, adding that the Bible is very clear that “homosexuals should be put to death.” As a good Christian, Anderson said he did not advocate vigilante “justice” against gays, who should be “killed through the proper channels” by a “righteous government.”

If the Orlando mass-murder was the “bright side,” Anderson lamented that “the bad news is a lot of the homos in the bar are still alive, so they’re going to continue to molest children and recruit children into their filthy homosexual lifestyle.”

Pat Robertson; Christian Broadcasting Network, Nashville, TN: 

Octogenarian televangelist Pat Robertson has been disseminating gay hate over the airwaves for more than 55 years, and his reaction to Orlando was all too predictable. Robertson opined on Tuesday’s edition of his 700 Club show that liberals faced “a dilemma” reconciling their tolerance for Islam with their advocacy of LGBT rights. “The best thing to do is to sit on the sidelines and let them kill themselves,” he said of Muslims and gays.

Westboro Baptist Church, Topeka, KS:

No list of the usual bigotry-peddling suspects would be complete without perennial hatemongers WBC. This site has long had a policy of ignoring the “God hates fags” cult, but it’s hard to ignore the spate of hate posts blasted out in the wake of the Pulse nightclub murders. One of the most appalling tweets claimed that “LGBTQ has hands DRIPPING with Pulse shooting blood with their ‘God loves me how I am’ lie.” Not surprising, considering this is the church that celebrated 9/11 victims’ deaths and picketed the funerals of American troops killed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

(Westboro Baptist Church)

(Westboro Baptist Church)

Dave Daubenmire; Pass the Salt Ministries, Hebron, OH:

Religious right activist “Coach” Dave Daubenmire said on his Monday “Pass the Salt” show that the massacre in Orlando showed that “the devil is willing to sacrifice some of his own team in order to get our big players” and warned his followers that gun control will lead to the killing of conservative Christians.

“How long did it take before Obama started talking about gun control?” Daubenmire asked. “How long did it take before you saw him on CNN talking about gun control? How did they get the guns? How long did it take? Not very long, because, see, we’re losing sight of the fact that if they get their guns, our guns, there’ll be more death. There’ll be a lot more death. And when they get their guns, can anybody tell me who’s gonna be dying?”

Daubenmire added that it won’t be “the guys in the ghetto” who are killed as a result of gun control, because “they’re already killing each other,” but rather conservative Christians who refuse to bow “politically correct to Islam, politically correct to abortion, politically correct to homosexuality.”

(Dis)honorable Mention—Pastor Matt Barber; Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA:

Barber, the associate dean of the law school at the Jerry Falwell-founded Liberty University, was very much on hate-watchers’ radar for calling gays “filthy disease spreaders” who engage in “squalid, unnatural and feculent abuse of both the reproductive and digestive systems.” Now Barber would have us believe he cares about the “souls” of gay people, tweeting a meme claiming that “Jesus and Christians love LGBT-identified souls and pray they come to repentance and salvation” as “Allah the deceiver and his followers kill them.”


(Dis)honorable Mention—Pastor Bryan Fischer; Tupelo, MS:

Fischer proved too extreme for even the American Family Association, but his unceremonious firing by the Southern Poverty Law Center-designated anti-gay hate group hasn’t tempered his hateful rhetoric. Fischer, who wants to re-criminalize homosexuality and believes LGBT people are responsible for the Holocaust, responded to the Orlando tragedy by tweeting the difference between “compassionate” Christians, who want to “help” gays repent and save their “souls,” and Muslims, who want to kill them:


(Dis)honorable Mention—Pastor James David Manning; ATLAH World Missionary Church, New York, NY:

The self-described “sodomite slayer,” who calls for gays to be stoned to death as prescribed in the Old Testament, has previously accused President Barack Obama of having a plan to “use gay people to destroy the black community” and recently made headlines when he endorsed Donald Trump for president. But Manning has now dumped Trump, who he believes has gone soft on the gays in the wake of Orlando.

“I am sadden to withdraw support [for Trump],” Manning tweeted. “My bible beliefs are deeply held. Sodomy is more dangerous to America than radical Islam.”


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