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Florida Man Fidel Lopez Says He Reached Inside, Disemboweled, Maria Nemeth During ‘Rough Sex’

Fidel Lopez and Maria Nemeth (CBS Miami screen grab)

Fidel Lopez and Maria Nemeth (CBS Miami screen grab)

A South Florida man was charged with murder on Sunday after he allegedly admitted to police that he disemboweled his girlfriend in a tequila-fueled rage because she said her ex-husband’s name during sex.

The Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel reports 24-year-old Fidel Lopez called 911 at around 3:39 Sunday morning and reported that his girlfriend, 31-year-old Maria Nemeth, was having trouble breathing and was dying. When Sunrise Police Department officers arrived at the apartment the couple shared in the 1600 block of Northwest 128th Drive in Sunrise, they found Lopez on the bathroom floor crying for help next to Nemeth’s naked body.

Police found the bathroom door had been ripped from its hinges and there was blood in the bathroom, a bedroom closet, and smeared on walls and doors. According to the police report, there were “several chunks of bloody tissue on the floor inside the closet.”

WPLG reports Lopez initially told investigators that he and Nemeth had been drinking tequila and having “rough sex” before she went into the bathroom to vomit. The suspect said he later went into the bathroom, where he saw that Nemeth was having difficulty breathing and called 911.

But detectives said Lopez later changed his story, telling them that Nemeth was “very intoxicated” and that they were having sex in a closet when she said the name of her ex-husband twice, enraging him and turning him into a “monster.” Where Lopez had first told police that he inserted a beer bottle and his fist inside Nemeth’s vagina—and claimed she had enjoyed it, he later said that he forced various items, including a beer bottle and a flat iron, into her body while she was unconscious.

Lopez then allegedly gave investigators a graphic description of how he stuck his arm inside Nemeth’s vagina and anus “all the way up to his elbow” and ripped out her insides, including her intestines, with his bare hands. He said he then carried Nemeth into the bathroom and tried to revive her by splashing water on her face. Police claim Lopez told them he washed his hands, went outside to smoke a cigarette and then started to panic.

Neighbors reported hearing a man’s voice yelling and loud noises that lasted for about two hours.

“I cannot imagine this happening to anyone especially someone as sweet as this young lady,” neighbor Dan Carter told CBS Miami.

Lopez has been charged with first-degree murder. He is being held without bond in Broward County Jail.

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