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South African ‘Prophet’ Penuel Mnguni Commands Flock to Eat Live Snakes

'Prophet' Penuel Mnguni feeds a live snake to one of his flock. (Facebook)

‘Prophet’ Penuel Mnguni feeds a live snake to one of his flock. (Facebook)

The leader of a controversial South African church who previously made headlines by commanding his followers to drink gasoline and eat human hair is now ordering his flock to eat live snakes.

‘Prophet’ Penuel Mnguni of the End Times Disciples Ministries in Pretoria told his congregants that the live snakes would “taste like chocolate,” iol News reports. The 24-year-old church leader posted photos on Facebook in which he is seen feeding the faithful the foot-long wriggling and writhing reptiles.

“The Man of God declared a snake to become a chocolate (chomp) and the congregants ate it,” the caption of one of the Facebook photos reads. “We have authority to change everything into anything and it will obey because of our authority.”

The church’s Facebook post features photos of Mnguni’s followers slurping down slithering serpents, and cites Romans 14, with the caption, “Those with small faith eats only vegetables but the ones with a great faith eats everything. During service Man of God commanded a snake to change into a chocolate and it obeyed. People ate it and enjoyed it. To God Be The Glory!”

There was no word on whether the snakes really did taste like chocolate.

Nehanda Radio reports Mnguni also claims to be able to turn his followers into snakes, and that he can jump on them without causing any pain. Earlier this year, the ‘prophet’ made headlines by stomping on his disciples, claiming it was a healing method. Mnguni has also forced his congregants to eat hair, cloth and gasoline, and to strip naked in church.

Mnguni’s eyebrow-raising activities have drawn harsh rebuke from many South Africans.

“My God why are you letting this happen,” asked Siyabuswa resident Cebo Jordan Sokhulumi on the church’s Facebook page. “Why do you let people use your name for evil deeds? Pastor this is not for God’s glory but yours please stop what you’re doing because you not only humiliating God and your fellow Christians but your actions are chasing away non believers who wanna repent.”

“Only stupid and ignorant people will follow to do such foolish things,” opined Carol Mellisa Munkombwe of Kitwe, Zambia. “It’s because people don’t read their Bibles, that’s why they end up being cheated…As long as I know what the Bible says no man will ever deceive me.”

Others defended Mnguni. Jeff Chukwu Chineke called Mnguni a “man of God.” “Go my brother, this is our time to demonstrate the power as of old,” he wrote. “More grace to you, sir.”

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