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Video: Charlie Hebdo Staff Can’t Control Laughter as Pigeon Poops on President Hollande

January 12, 2015 by Brett Wilkins in Europe with 0 Comments

pigeonIn a moment completely befitting the sometimes scatological nature of Charlie Hebdo’s satire, surviving staff members of the French magazine struggled to suppress their laughter as a pigeon pooped on President François Hollande during Sunday’s memorial.

Hollande was emotionally embracing Patrick Pelloux, a Charlie Hebdo columnist and doctor who rushed to the scene of last week’s deadly terrorist attack, at Sunday’s unity march in Paris when the bowel-bursting bird used the president’s shoulder as a toilet.

Video of the aerial avian assault shows multiple Charlie Hebdo staffers’ expressions turning from grief to gaiety in an instant, as they vainly attempted to thwart an onset of the giggles.

“Hollande could join Charlie, because, despite himself, he made the entire team laugh in five seconds,” Charlie Hebdo cartoonist Luz, who was late to work when Islamist gunmen massacred 10 of his colleagues last Wednesday, is quoted in the Guardian.

“François Hollande can come to the office whenever he wants. The pigeon too,” added Luz.

As estimated 3.7 million people rallied and marched in cities and towns across France on Sunday, with around 40 world leaders gathering in Paris to take part in memorial events there. Some 1.6 million people are believed to have taken part in the Paris unity march. The French government said the turnout was the highest ever recorded.

Thousands of people also gathered in cities around the world in a show of solidarity.

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