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‘Diphallic Dude,’ Man with 2 Functioning Penises, Writes E-Memoir

January 3, 2015 by Brett Wilkins in Arts & Entertainment, Sex with 0 Comments
(Lisa Risager)

(Lisa Risager)

Diphallic Dude, the man with two full-size functional penises who became an Internet sensation last year after posting a Reddit ‘Ask Me Anything,’ is back with an e-memoir.

Also known as DoubleDickDude (DDD), the anonymous “ambidicktrous” author has published Double Header: My Life with Two Penises, available on for $7.99. The e-book was briefly Amazon’s bestseller in the ‘gay and lesbian biographies and memoirs’ category.

“I realized that there are still people who are genuinely curious,” DDD told Rolling Stone. “From girls who want to know how to handle their boyfriend being uncircumcised to guys wanting to know if they’re gay or bisexual because my equipment turned them on.”

“Really, it just stuns me almost a year later that people are still reaching out to me,” he added. “So I thought I should put a book together and use that to answer questions, but also give voice to people who might feel lost in the cracks.”

DDD’s Reddit post was the fourth-most popular ‘AMA’ of all time, topping A-list Hollywood celebrities including Harrison Ford, Bill Murray and Arnold Schwarzenegger. A sampling of some of the lively Q&A posted over a two-day period:









Both Conan O’Brien and Jay Leno also mentioned Diphallic Dude in the opening monologues of their late-night TV shows, and he has been featured on the front pages of, The Huffington Post and Jezebel. DDD now has more than 15,000 Twitter followers and a popular Tumblr, where you can see very NSFW photos that leave no doubt about the authenticity of his condition.

DDD said his Reddit ‘AMA’ experience taught him how judgmental people can be.

“I learned from my AMA that even in 2014 people still have a really tough time grasping individuality and compassion,” he told Rolling Stone. “Besides the goofy jokes and questions people asked, some people were — and have been — absolutely terrible. People are still horribly judgmental about things they don’t understand. They are nasty and hold a lot of resentment towards people and things they feel threatened by.”

Diphallia is an extremely rare condition which occurs in 1 in 5.5 million US men. With a current population of 316.1 million, there are likely some 57 diphallic Americans. There are probably nearly 1,300 ‘diphallic dudes’ around the world, based on a global population of seven billion.

DDD’s advice for that rare handful of men blessed and cursed with his condition?

“My advice to them is to love themselves,” he told Rolling Stone. “If you really can accept your body for how it is, what other people think shouldn’t matter to you… If you love yourself, and you don’t allow yourself to fall victim to the negativity life can bring, you can survive. You just have to have faith.”

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