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Gregory Graf Allegedly Killed Stepdaughter, had Sex with Corpse

Gregory Graf Jessica Padgett

A Pennsylvania man has been charged with murder for allegedly shooting his stepdaughter to death and then filming himself having sex with her corpse.

The Easton Express-Times reports Gregory Graf, 53, of Allen Township stands accused of killing 33-year-old Jessica Padgett, a recently-married mother of three, by shooting her in the back of the head on November 21.

Padgett was last seen alive that day as she left work at a child care center. Police found her body buried behind a shed on the property where Graf lives with the victim’s mother. Graf, who owns a fencing company, confessed to killing Padgett after being arrested on November 26.

Northampton County District Attorney John Morganelli accused Graf of being motivated by necrophilia, or sexual attraction to corpses. Pennsylvania State Police found a homemade video of the murder suspect having sex with Padgett’s dead body.

“There was a videotape that the defendant made that shows him abusing the victim’s corpse sexually,” said Morganelli.

Investigators said they found no evidence that Graf has previously committed similar crimes.

“The thought always passes your mind, but I have no evidence of that at the present,” said Morganelli, who instructed state police to file an additional charge of abusing a corpse to Graf’s criminal homicide charge. He has also been charged with possession with the intent to deliver marijuana; police found a large quantity of the drug and around $42,000 in cash in his basement.

Graf is not eligible for the death penalty because Pennsylvania law only allows for capital punishment in cases with aggravating factors like killing a child or a law enforcement officer. Morganelli said that if Graf sexually abused Padgett prior to killing her, he could qualify for the death penalty.

While rare, cases involving necrophilia occasionally make headlines. Last January, California nurse Alejandro Razo was caught having sex with a deceased female patient at Sherman Oaks Hospital. In Sweden, a 37-year-old woman was arrested in September 2012 for having sex with a human skeleton she kept in her Gothenburg apartment.

Incidents involving murder and necrophilia are even more rare, although Morganelli has prosecuted one such case before, and in 2012, the shocking case of Canadian porn star Luka Rocco Magnotta, an alleged killer cannibal necrophiliac, made worldwide headlines.

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