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Video: Tourists Cheer San Francisco Tour Guide’s Racist Anti-Chinese Rant

San Francisco Chinatown (Photo: Mr. Seb/Flickr Creative Commons)

San Francisco Chinatown (Photo: Mr. Seb/Flickr Creative Commons)

Video of a San Francisco tour guide launching into an anti-Chinese tirade while leading an open-topped bus tour through the city’s famed Chinatown has gone viral.

The tour guide, who has yet to be identified, worked for City Sightseeing San Francisco. It was reportedly her last day on the job. As the open-topped, double-decker tour bus navigates the streets of Chinatown, the woman, who is seen in the video holding what appears to be a bottle of alcohol, repeatedly insults the venerable neighborhood and the Chinese immigrants who call it home.

In addition to racist invective, the woman drops at least 28 ‘F-bombs’ along the way. A sample:

“F*** your preschools and your little preschoolers making all that noise at six in the morning when I was trying to live here. F*** your salons. F*** your little herb gardens. F*** your little seafood f***ing markets with your little turtles and your frogs inside OK? When you come to America you got to assimilate a little bit, and here in America we don’t eat turtles and frogs, OK? But they gotta bring that here to America, OK? There’s a limit, OK?”


“You gotta assimilate a little bit, Chinatown. F*** your laundry hanging out the windows. F*** your three or four people inside each of your little SROs (single-room occupancy hotels, a common housing option for lowest-income San Franciscans). F*** your noise. F*** your parades. F*** your dragons. F*** this sh*t. F*** Chinatown, OK?”

At this point, the tour bus breaks out in applause and cheers. Buoyed by the tourists’ positive response, the guide continues:

“But I want you guys to know, I’m not racist… [But] f*** your horsetail and your ginseng. F*** your little hair salons where no one in there knows how to speak English. F*** your little Chinatown gates. F*** your BART stop that you’re building here that’s f***ing up traffic for the entire neighborhood. F*** your jade; nobody wears jade anymore. F*** your knockoff-ass purses and suitcases and T-shirts. F*** you! F*** you, Chinatown!”

She then explains than in Los Angeles, her hometown, the Chinatown is “way cleaner,” and “has way better restaurants.”

“This is a horrible place to live,” she says of San Francisco’s Chinatown, home to more than 100,000 people.

“If you are considering moving to San Francisco, although this is the cheapest neighborhood, do not live here,” she implores.

As the tour bus leaves the neighborhood and passes through the Stockton Street tunnel, the guide encourages the tourists to join her in a chant of “F*** Chinatown” and “Go Giants!”

City Sightseeing San Francisco released at statement apologizing for the guide’s rant:

“[We] deeply apologize to the residents of Chinatown and San Francisco, for the conduct of a former employee. Comments made by this former employee on her last day of employment are absolutely not a representation of how much we love and support Chinatown, and every other community in San Francisco. Due to this unfortunate incident, we have added additional training processes to ensure that each tour is up to our rigorous standard.”

Local media found mixed reaction among city residents.

“You always have a right to say what’s on your mind. Whatever you have to say, get it off,” Nesha Hill told KTVU. “I think she basically said some right things that somebody needed to say, and if she didn’t, who else would?”

Others were offended by the tour guide’s tirade.

“It’s definitely hurtful. I’m of Filipino Asian descent and don’t tolerate ignorance really and for people in a bus to clap for something like that – that’s really unbelievable,” said Enebie Cruz of San Francisco.

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  1. wakakoOctober 23, 2014 at 5:15 pmReply

    this lady needs to get out of this town. please go back to la.

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