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Video: Israeli Kids Want to Grow Up and ‘Kill Arabs’

August 5, 2014 by Brett Wilkins in Israel/Palestine, War with 0 Comments

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By now, many of you have seen or heard about a Hamas TV video showing Palestinian children and an actor in a bumble bee costume talking about killing Jews.

The short clip from the Al-Aqsa TV show “Pioneers of Tomorrow,” dated May 2014 but actually produced and aired in 2007, features the bee imploring kids to violently attack Jews, “turning their faces into tomatoes” in service of Palestinian liberation.

“Pick up a stone, and when Jews come, take it and throw it,” advises belligerent bee.

“I will shoot Jews,” says a little girl who can’t be older than 4 or 5.

“All of them?” asks an older girl co-hosting the show with the bee.

“All of them,” says the little girl.

Shocking stuff, even when considered within the context of decades of Israeli occupation and oppression.

Predictably, the US corporate mainstream media, who too often act as Israeli mouthpieces, have been all over the “terror TV for tots” video.

“The indoctrination of children and hate-mongering championed by the Islamist regime is reminiscent of the warped caricatures created by Nazi Germany to demonize Jews in the 1930s,” Fox News ominously observed.

But comparable videos of Israeli children expressing a desire to grow up and kill Arabs also exist, proving that neither side has a monopoly on hate.

In 2012, Israeli artist Itamar Rose produced a video set to cute, festive kids music showing children enjoying a field trip to the Armored Corps museum in Latrun.

In the video, an adult host asks boys and girls climbing and playing on tanks and other IDF armored weapons if they want to grow up to be soldiers. This being Israel, they don’t have much of a choice in the matter, but almost all of the kids are looking forward to growing up and killing Arabs.

“I picture a dead Arab and that makes me happy,” one young boys says when asked what he imagines when he’s in a tank.

Asked what she imagines, a girl of around 10 says, “that I was killing people.”

Host: “Did you kill them all?” The girl nods in the affirmative.

Host: “How did it feel?” The girl says she feels “happy.”

When one of the boys is asked “which weapon can kill the most people,” he answers without hesitation: “The Merkava Mark 4.”

When the boy who pictures dead Arabs is asked how many people he think’s he’ll kill, he says “85.”

Another young boy expresses a desire to see action in Lebanon. When the host notes that Israeli forces withdrew from Lebanon, the boy offers his chilling take:

“That’s OK, we’ll be back,” he says with a certainty born from a lifetime of war.

“This video is about the impact of military museums on children,” Rose explains in the caption to her video on YouTube. “This video was filmed in Israel but it could be filmed in any other place in the world that is in a war situation.”

Rose’s video is far from the only example of Israeli children acting in a manner incomprehensible to children growing up in more peaceful corners of the world. For every photo of a Palestinian child dressed up as a Hamas ‘martyr’ carrying a rifle or wearing a suicide belt, there’s one of Israeli kids being introduced to machine guns or signing bombs to be dropped on Arabs “with love.”

(Pedro Ugarte/AFP)

(Pedro Ugarte/AFP)

Indeed, there are striking similarities between images of Israeli and Palestinian children behaving in ways that shock the conscience of those of us whose childhoods were untouched by the horrors of war, occupation, and social and economic oppression. But in the United States, only one side is portrayed as brutal and barbaric.

“Israeli children also learn to glorify and aspire toward violence, and — surprise, surprise — no one really seems to care,” writes Michael Kaplan of Jewish Daily Forward.

Such are the consequences of growing up in a highly militarized society at perpetual war with its neighbors. And children taught to hate grow up hating. Witness the far-right Israeli mobs marching through city streets chanting, “there is no school tomorrow, there are no children left in Gaza.” Witness the Facebook swoon of the young Israeli woman who says IDF bombing of Gaza families and children gives her an incredible orgasm. Witness the Israelis, from lowly bloggers to high-ranking lawmakers calling for ethnic cleansing and even genocide in Gaza.

Indeed, when it comes to stoking the flames of animosity and violence in Israel/Palestine, neither side has a monopoly on hate.

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