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Video Allegedly Shows Israeli Sniper Killing Wounded Palestinian Civilian

A graphic video allegedly showing an Israeli sniper shooting a wounded Palestinian civilian in Gaza has been posted on YouTube.

The video was released by the pro-Palestinian International Solidarity Movement (ISM). It shows a group of Palestinian and international volunteers working with Gaza rescue workers as they searched for survivors of Israel’s ferocious assault on the Shejeiya neighborhood of Gaza City during a brief ceasefire on Sunday.

Israeli drones can be heard constantly buzzing overhead as the rescue crew searches for victims of the Israeli attack. Suddenly, a gunshot is heard.

“I don’t know, the tanks are surrounding us,” a man says in Arabic.

“I think we should hide,” an English-speaking female says.

“We should move,” adds a man in English.

“If you move, they’re going to kill us,” another man says in Arabic.

Gunshots are heard again and the group finds a man dressed in civilian clothes lying wounded on the rubble-strewn ground.

Another shot rings out, and the injured man twitches before dying.

“Tell them to stop, tell them to stop,” implores the English-speaking woman just before another shot is heard.

“What the fuck should we do?” asks a distraught man in English as they attempt to find a way to get to the now motionless man.

“Everybody’s going to get shot,” the man says.

(International Solidarity Movement)

(International Solidarity Movement)

ISM claims the victim was a young man who was trying to find his family, and that he was shot by an Israeli sniper as he crossed an alley between buildings.

“Two additional rounds struck him as he lay injured on the ground,” ISM said. “His dead body could not be retrieved.”

“We all just watched a man murdered in front of us,” ISM activist Joe Catron, an American, told Newsweek. He was trying to reach his family in Shejaiya. He had not heard from them and was worried about them. They shot him and then continued to fire as he was on the ground.”

Catron described Shejaiya as a “smoking wasteland.” Scores of innocent civilians, mostly women and children, were killed in the neighborhood on Sunday by advancing Israeli forces. More than 600 Palestinians, overwhelmingly innocent civilians, have been killed by Israeli bombs, bullets and artillery since Israel began bombarding Gaza on July 8 in an attempt to destroy Hamas’ capability to launch rockets and transport troops and weapons through tunnels targeting Israel.

While the video certainly seems authentic, it has not yet been verified as such. During past conflicts, Israel Defense Forces (IDF) snipers and soldiers have deliberately killed numerous innocent civilians.

Israeli soldiers have testified in court that they shot old women and mothers with children, among other innocent civilians, during the 2008-2009 Operation Cast Lead invasion of Gaza.

“That’s the beauty of Gaza, you see a man walking, he doesn’t have to have a weapon and you can shoot him,” IDF soldier Danny Zamir was told by a superior officer when he questioned an order to shoot an elderly woman.

Another IDF soldier said he was ordered to shoot an old woman crossing a street.

“It was cold-blooded murder,” the soldier said.

During Cast Lead, leading Israeli media reported IDF using Palestinian children as human shields and deliberately shooting children.

In 2005, an Israeli army officer who shot an unarmed 13-year-old Palestinian girl and later boasted he would have killed her even if she was only 3 years old was acquitted of all charges.

Israeli soldiers who commit such atrocities are seldom punished, and when they are it is usually little more than a slap on the wrist. In 2012, an IDF soldier who shot dead a mother and daughter waving white flags of surrender during Cast Lead was sentenced to 45 days in jail.

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