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Marionville, Mo. Mayor Dan Clevenger Resigns over Anti-Semitic Remarks

(NBC 4 screen grab)

(NBC 4 screen grab)

The mayor of a rural Missouri town who raised eyebrows and ire by voicing agreement with the white supremacist who killed three people during a shooting spree apparently targeting Jews in Kansas last week has resigned amid public uproar.

Dan Clevenger, the 59-year-old mayor of Marionville, resigned from office on Monday after making anti-Semitic comments in support of arrested Kansas shooting suspect Frazier Glenn Cross.

Cross, founder of the Carolina Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, shot and killed three people at the Jewish Community Center of Greater Kansas City and the Village Shalom Retirement Community in Overland Park, Kansas on April 13. All three victims were Christians.

Clevenger called Cross a “friend” and said he “kind of agreed with him” on certain issues regarding Jews.

“There are some things that are going on in this country that are destroying us,” opined Clevenger after Cross’ arrest. “We’ve got a false economy, and it’s some of those corporations [that] are run by Jews because the names are there. The fact that the Federal Reserve prints up phony money and freely hands it out, I think that’s completely wrong. The people that run the Federal Reserve, they’re Jewish.”

Marionville aldermen had voted 4-1 to begin impeachment proceedings against Clevenger, who had previously insisted that he would not resign. At a raucous town meeting, residents expressed their desire for Clevenger to resign or face impeachment.

“We must show our neighbors, state, our nation and a global community our true, kind, caring, loving and accepting community,” Marionville resident John Horner said at the meeting. “We simply cannot tolerate a public official who makes anti-Semitic comments.”

Horner added that Clevenger’s anti-Semitic remarks were lifted “almost verbatim” from a book written by the KKK leader years ago.

While some residents spoke in favor of Clevenger’s free speech rights, others said that the mayor’s words had done great damage to Marionville’s reputation.

“We’ve been slimed, like in ‘Ghostbusters,'” said local resident John McCormick.

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