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Mother’s And Father’s Day Celebrations In The LGBT Community

March 19, 2014 by Moral Low Ground in LGBT with 0 Comments

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From breakfast in bed for mom to fishing trips with dad, Mother’s and Father’s Day have long reinforced notions of traditional gender stereotypes. However, with the UCLA School of Law reporting a 2013 United States total of over 3 million LGBT parents, it’s clear that the usual celebrations surrounding motherhood and fatherhood are about to change. Current efforts to establish an alternative model for these days of celebration include the establishment of Hallmark petitions, acknowledgement of gay parents by Google and even the release of a JC Penney advertisement featuring gay dads.

Local Mother’s and Father’s Day Celebrations

The evolution of Mother’s and Father’s Day begins in the home. Thus, with more LGBT households comes a greater share of celebrations will involve either two moms or two dads. The definition of the holiday is bound to loosen up tradition-wise, with some families choosing to celebrate both parents on the same day and others designating one parent for Mother’s Day and one for Father’s Day. Otherwise, for LGBT families, Valentines Day is still Valentines Day, with the enjoyment and pampering of homemade meals, specially-chosen cards and the exchanging of jewelry, flowers and othergourmet gifts from retailers such as FTD.

Lesbians in Google Mother’s Day Video

While millions of gay and lesbian parents enjoy special celebrations held in the privacy of their homes, others are striving to gain greater recognition. Google assisted with that endeavor in 2013, sparking interest with a “Here’s to the Moms” video that, among a barrage of heterosexual mothers, also included a lesbian couple. As The Wire points out, this was certainly not the first time Google had advocated for gay rights; but of the tech giant’s many LGBT messages, this received the most attention.

Mass Support for JC Penney’s Gay Dads

In a similar vein to Google’s popular Mother’s Day video, JC Penney excited LGBT families and their supporters all across the nation by including a pair of gay dads in its 2012 Father’s Day advertisement. This move proved incredibly risky. However, as Gawker highlights, by that point, the company was well acquainted with controversy. Just a few month earlier, JC Penney had been the target of a boycott campaign from the American Family Association’s One Million Moms, due to its use of Ellen DeGeneres as a spokesperson. JC Penney’s endorsement of Ellen DeGeneres and incorporation of gay dads represented another step forward for LGBT families all across the nation.

Petition for LGBT-Friendly Hallmark Cards

It’s easy to find LGBT-friendly gifts for Mother’s and Father’s Day, but cards are another matter altogether. The Huffington Post reports that during the spring of 2013, nearly 2,000 advocates came together to form a petition in hopes of encouraging Hallmark to include gay and lesbian couples in at least a few of its official Mother’s and Father’s Day cards. Although Hallmark has since remained unresponsive, a number of others have stepped up to fill the niche, including, as the Daily Mail highlights, Californian non-profit Strong Families. Many LGBT families choose to sidestep this struggle altogether by seeking special cards on ETSY or scrapbooking messages of their own.

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