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Montana Couple Lucas Wilson and Camilla Samuels Let 2-Year-Old Smoke Pot

Wilson and Samuels after the birth of their baby in July, 2013 (Facebook)

Wilson and Samuels after the birth of their baby in July, 2013 (Facebook)

A Montana couple has been charged with child endangerment for allegedly letting the man’s 2-year-old son smoke marijuana.

Lucas Wilson and Camilla Samuels of Bozeman have each been charged with single felony and misdemeanor counts of endangering the welfare of a child, the Bozeman Daily Chronicle reports.

Last August, Samuels’ mother notified police that she had recently discovered a video on her daughter’s iPhone showing Wilson’s 2-year-old son putting a smoking pipe in his mouth. According to prosecutors, the couple admitted during questioning that they allowed the toddler to smoke marijuana five times, because it would make him mellow. Wilson told investigators he didn’t know why he let his son smoke pot, and acknowledged that it was “pretty stupid” to let him do so.

After Samuels got pregnant with Wilson’s child, the couple began drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana and methamphetamine. They allegedly smoked pot in front of the 2-year-old regularly. The couples’ baby was born testing positive for both pot and meth. Wilson told investigators that they smoked marijuana outside the hospital when Samuels was having the baby.

After being evicted from their apartment when Samuels, then in her second trimester of pregnancy, failed a drug test, the couple briefly moved to Washington state. But they returned to Montana with the intention of selling drugs, investigators claim, although their plans fell through after they consumed all of their drugs on the way back to Bozeman.

The Associated Press reports a $50,000 arrest warrant has been issued for Wilson. No warrant was issued for Samuels.

Last March, a mother in Washington state was arrested after a video of her 22-month-old son smoking marijuana from a bong was discovered. Rachelle Braaten, 24, of Centralia was charged with manufacture of marijuana and unlawful delivery of a controlled substance to a minor.

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