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Iranian Man’s Eyes Ordered Gouged Out for Acid-Throwing Attack

Justice Palace, Tehran (Wikipedia)

Justice Palace, Tehran (Wikipedia)

A major Iranian opposition group claims Iran’s highest court has ordered a man’s eyes gouged out and his ears and nose chopped off as punishment for an acid attack that left a girl blind and disfigured.

In a literal application of the Abrahamic tradition of “an eye for an eye,” the opposition group National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) claims that the nation’s top Islamic court has sentenced a man identified only as Jamshid to the gruesome punishment after he was convicted last October of throwing acid on a girl identified only as Shirin.

International Business Times reports Shirin lost both eyes and one of her ears in the horrific attack.

Such barbaric “justice” is commonplace in the Islamic Republic, which is also one of the world’s most prolific executioners. Iranian executions are sometimes carried out in public. In addition to murder, rape, child molestation, drug trafficking, armed robbery, kidnapping, terrorism and treason, “crimes” punishable by death in Iran include adultery, sodomy and gay sex acts. There have been reports of condemned prisoners being stoned to death, but Iran vehemently denies this and claims such stories are anti-Iranian propaganda.

Last year, a condemned drug smuggler who woke up in the morgue after being hanged was ordered hanged again.

For less serious offenses, ghastly punishments sanctioned under brutal Islamic justice include having limbs and other body parts chopped off. Last year, Iranian officials unveiled a finger amputating machine used on convicted thieves.

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    Here is the gay version. No more standing on the corner watchin’ all the boys go by!

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