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“Told Ya So”: Sarah Palin Saw Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine from Alaska in ’08

March 1, 2014 by Brett Wilkins in Conservatives, Europe with 2 Comments

Sarah Palin’s greatest perceived weakness is now being hailed by some conservatives as a strength after a 2008 campaign video of the former Alaska governor and Republican vice presidential candidate predicting Russia’s invasion of Ukraine resurfaced.

As the historic 2008 presidential election drew near, Palin, then Sen. John McCain’s running mate, delivered a campaign speech in which she listed “five scenarios that would place our country at risk in an Obama administration.”

“After the Russian army invaded the nation of Georgia, Senator Obama’s reaction was one of indecision and moral equivalence, the kind of response that would only encourage Russia’s Putin to invade Ukraine next,” Palin presciently predicted.

Following the reemergence of the five-year-old video, Palin took to Twitter to do a bit of boasting.

“Yes, I could see this one from Alaska,” she tweeted on Friday. “I’m not usually one to ‘Told-Ya-So,’ but I did.”

Palin then took the sort of anti-intellectual pot shot that plays well with her ultra-conservative base.

“My prediction [was] derided by the ‘high brow’ (sic) Foreign Policy magazine,” Palin wrote on her Facebook page. “Here’s what this ‘stupid,’ insipid woman’ predicted,” she added before repeating her 2008 Ukraine quote.

Critics counter that it doesn’t take a degree in international relations to forecast Russian intervention in its neighbor Ukraine, birthplace of Russian statehood and always a part of its “near abroad,” and that such meddling is likely to have occurred regardless of who resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. It’s also likely that Palin’s “five scenarios” speech was written by advisers.

But for now, Palin’s looking much wiser than many of us have ever given her credit for. Say what you like (and much has already been said) about a woman who, according to top McCain aides, did not know that Africa was a continent, could not name all three nations in the NAFTA and thought that North Korea was a US ally– Palin’s prospects for 2016 and beyond just got a little bit brighter. Thanks, Vladimir Putin.

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  1. RealrealistMarch 2, 2014 at 2:01 pmReply

    Princess Palin knew because she “most likely” was on the ground floor of the funding for US covert regime change for the Ukraine.

    FYI,,it’s not an invasion if you are protecting a country that you are already aligned to, and trying to eliminate a foreign incursion.
    It would be like the US trying to stop an Russian incursion into Puerto Rico..The US response would not be an invasion.

    • Brett WilkinsMarch 2, 2014 at 2:39 pmReplyAuthor

      The majority of Ukrainians reject Russian aggression. Yes, there is very large ethnic Russian minority in Ukraine and yes, Ukraine is the birthplace of the Russian nation, and historically a part of Russia’s “near abroad.” Perhaps a partition of Ukraine, peacefully if possible, is the best possible outcome here. Russia could regain Crimea and set up some sort of subservient regime in the Russian part of Ukraine, while the western portion could pursue a more European destiny.

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