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Florida Teacher Jennifer Forshey Arrested for Forcing Boy to Unclog Urinal with Bare Hands

Jennifer ForsheyA South Florida charter school teacher has been arrested and charged with child battery after she allegedly forced a 10-year-old boy to unclog a filthy urinal with his bare hands.

NBC South Florida reports 58-year-old Jennifer Forshey, a third grade teacher at Broward Community Charter School West in Coral Springs, was taken into police custody on Wednesday and charged with battery of a child by exposure to urine.

Police say Forshey accused the unnamed boy of clogging a urinal with paper towels. She then allegedly ordered him to use his bare hands to remove the clog.

“The paper and urinal were wet enough to seep through the paper towel he was holding,” a police report stated. “The victim’s hands were saturated in what smelled like urine from the urinal and the paper towel that was in the urinal.”

The report adds that the boy was not given any safety equipment and that “the bathroom had no soap in it.”

The boy told WSVN he was humiliated by the foul punishment.

“It is very embarrassing to have that going around the school, and people just bothering me about the simple thing that shouldn’t have been done,” he said.

The child insisted he did not clog the urinal and that the urine was not his.

Forshey was released from Broward County Jail later on Wednesday after posting a $1,000 bond.

“I didn’t do anything illegal,” she told NBC South Florida as she left the jail.

Broward Community Charter School West issued a statement acknowledging the incident and stating Forshey has been reprimanded.

Local parents voiced their concerns.

“You leave your children with their teacher, it’s like a second mom, you don’t expect that to happen to a child,” Myrna Torres told WSVN.

“That teacher should go back to jail,” Mark Henrice told NBC South Florida. “That’s not cool.”

Parent George Vitieri said he hopes the incident does not damage the school’s reputation.

“She used really bad judgment, but it’s a really good school,” he told NBC South Florida. “I hope this doesn’t reflect on the school.”

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  1. ae emmFebruary 21, 2014 at 7:26 amReply

    USA is the sh.t hole of the world. Bogus criminal charges. The boy was a vandal. Vandalism costs money. The boy could have done the right thing and apologized and removed the paper he put in there and washed his hands. Instead the teacher gets arrested. I can not believe any police officer in their right mind would help the vandal and his parents. What is the future of USA when the coppers fall this low on the work ethics scale? Police unions to strong arm mayors and police chief. Check out how bad it can get: Nashua, New Hampshire.

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