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Ruth Hull

The easiest way to gain custody of your kid is to rape the child. If you molest your child, your chances of gaining custody go up to 85 percent. Time to expose the corruption on national TV. Let juries, not backroom favors, decide.

In the past nine months, 75 kids were murdered by their dads during custody battles. Cara Tabachnick of The Crime Report goes inside a horrific cycle of violence — and the family courts doing little to stop it.

Wyatt Garcia was born in April 2009. Nine months later, he was shot and killed by his father, who then turned the gun on himself.

It might have turned out differently — if a family-court judge had listened to Wyatt’s mother.

This report in the above quoted article, When Fathers Kill Their Kids , is just the tip of the iceberg.

Barry Goldstein, nationally recognized domestic violence expert, speaker, writer, consultant and co-author of Domestic Violence, Abuse and Child Custody presented the national findings in his article, Time’s Up: when there are allegations of abuse, the custody goes to the abuser 85 percent of the time. Leaving is dangerous for abused women. Battered women are 75 percent more likely to die if they leave and the odds are that they will lose custody of their children to their abusers and wind up horrified that their children have been turned into sex slaves or worse behind the closed doors of courts that were supposed to be protecting children.

Sadly, family law judges too often refuse to believe mothers, medical doctors, school officials and police officers. Instead, family law judges are actively suppressing evidence of abuse, shrouding their decisions in secrecy and gagging mothers to prevent them from talking. These judges regularly remove the rights of mothers without any evidence, whatsoever,of any wrongdoing on the part of the mothers and this often happens without a hearing. At the state bar convention, the problem of family law judges engaging in wrongful conduct off the record was discussed and attorneys were advised to get everything on the record and to drag the reporters into chambers when necessary. In Utah, everything is on the record. California is falling further and further behind in this.

Who really fears the publicity? Have you ever heard a kid say he or she doesn’t want publicity? Kids need the public’s protection. Most caring people would be outraged enough to help if they knew what was going on in the family law system. The only ones who have anything to fear from televised proceedings are the abusers and corrupt officials who don’t want you to know what they are doing. What happens behind these closed doors can be so shocking that the only way to fix the system is through exposing the violations of law and threats to innocent children.

Those 75 dead kids mentioned above didn’t have to die at the hands of violent fathers and likely would be alive if the courts were forced to be more responsible in making custody decisions. The watchful eye of the public may be the best way to save lives and stop children from going to child molesters.

The 85 percent figure shows that the courts, as a whole, have abused their discretion and should be required to abdicate to the more responsible jury system. When a jury is added, 12 people, tested for impartiality, not one untested decider, have the opportunity to determine if a child is better off with a violent batterer or a rapist than with a non-violent, loving parent. The right of a child or a spouse to be free from rape and life-threatening injuries is every bit as much a fundamental right as those determined in criminal proceedings and the Sixth Amendment trial by jury right should prevail. Otherwise, at least the Seventh Amendment jury trial right should be extended to the states and to family law, paternity , probate and other proceedings.

Why do child rape victims, like Damon, of Damon’s List, have to run and hide to end the paternal assault and why does the court oppression make these kids on the run afraid to even their mothers — their protectors — for fear their mothers are being watched? Why do family law judges think it is better to allow kids to be raped than to appear soft on mothers? What ever happened to respect for mothers? Are mother’s now evil? What has happened to this country?

One abuse victim, with whom I spoke had this advice for other abused mothers. Her sentiments have been echoed by many other mothers who choose to endure the beatings”

“Don’t leave. If you have to die, protecting your children, that’s your job as a mother. Leaving means your children could be killed or be raped. That’s irresponsible. If you have survived to adulthood, be thankful you have lived this long. Now you owe it to your kids to stay and to give your life, if necessary, to protect them.”

Has this become the United States of Saudi Arabia? Wouldn’t it be nice if the court system was friendly enough that the above-quoted victim could leave and know that her kids would be safe. Instead, if she leaves, there is an 85 percent chance that her children will be given to a violent person who will beat, rape and/or kill the children and there is a 75 percent greater chance pf the mother being killed herself. In other words, her advise to stay and take the beating is sound, logical, and responsible advice.

The Leadership Council, an independent scientific organization, estimates that each year more than 58,000 children are ordered by family courts into unsupervised contact with physically or sexually abusive parents following divorce in the United States. Experts say abusers use the court system to exercise control over their former partner’s lives, manipulating the players and risking the safety and well-being of the children’s lives the courts are sworn to protect.

The statistics speak for themselves. The problem is not the laws. The problem is the family law courts that throw the laws into the round file when the doors are closed. Something has gone very wrong in the family law system. Otherwise Baby Wyatt and other deceased children like him would be alive. Bring in the cameras and juries. Restore justice to the courts. Save the children. While you are at it, save the women too.

Ruth Hull is an activist and writer whose career has included work as a criminal defense attorney, a licensed private investigator, and an educator. She is a regular contributor at Digital Journal. 

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