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NY Catholic School Teacher Amanda Iles Accused of Raping 14-Year-Old Student

November 7, 2013 by Brett Wilkins in Crime & Punishment, Religion with 1 Comment

Amanda IlesA former teacher at a private Catholic boys’ high school in suburban New York accused of raping a 14-year-old student has turned herself in to authorities.

NBC New York reports 27-year-old Amanda Iles, formerly a teacher in the religion department at Archbishop Stepinac High School in White Plains, surrendered to police on Wednesday morning after returning to New York from California. reports Iles was arraigned on two counts of second-degree rape for incidents investigators say occurred at her Eastchester home following the end of the last school year in June. The boy’s parents notified police after learning of the alleged illicit sexual relationship.

Assistant District Attorney Frank Luis said investigators have photo and video evidence of the illicit affair. Police said the evidence shows the couple engaged in sexual activity.

“As a teacher, this defendant was in a position of trust and authority,” District Attorney Janet DiFiore said in a statement. “In becoming involved with a student incapable of consent, she abused that privilege.”

School officials released a statement confirming they had “recently learned of the possibility of an alleged improper relationship involving a former faculty member and a student.” The statement said that Iles had resigned her post “at the end of school last June.”

News 12 Westchester reports Iles has been released on $25,000 bail and is due back in court next month. If convicted, she faces up to seven years in a state prison.

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  1. Arshad Sherif, M.A., M.Ed.November 9, 2013 at 7:25 pmReply

    I once called up an all-girls high school to see if they had a teaching vacancy. The woman who answered the phone told me that they don’t hire men. I asked her: “How do you know I am a man?” She hanged up. It was a religious school. But not Catholic. Gorgeous Eastern European girls.

    Amanda Iles was an attractive woman teaching at an all-boys school. She is accused of having sex twice with one 14-year-old boy. But the sex she has been accused of took place after she left her teaching position at the school. Three questions immediately come to mind.

    1- Did she have sex more than twice with the boy? Normally a prosecutor will charge on counts that he can prove in court beyond the “reasonable doubt” burden under which he must operate. But it may well be that the number of sexual encounters between her and the boy were far more frequent. A boy at 14 can have sex not every few days but every few hours.

    2- Were there other boys that she had sex with? In an all-boys school there are no female students. And if one boy found her arousing, chances are that many others also found her desirable. If she was willing to fulfill the fantasy of one student, she may have also been willing to allow other boys to do to her what they fantasize doing to her when they are alone in their bedroom. Or when they are in the shower with soapy hands.

    3- Did she have sex with any of the boys while she was their teacher? She only taught for one year at that school. A relatively short time. And then she resigned. Why did she leave after only one year? Were school administrators aware of any hanky-panky? Was she forced to resign? Prosecutors may find it difficult to prosecute any sex acts that took place in school because the school would unlikely be willing to fully cooperate with that aspect of the investigation. Surely sex on school grounds between teacher and student is bad for a school’s reputation.

    Female teachers at all-boys schools are likely numerous. Maybe half the staff or more. We must remember that a female teacher seeking employment at an all-boys school has a hundred times better chance getting the job than a male teacher seeking employment at an all-girls school.

    And there can be no doubt that female teachers at all-boys schools, where there are absolutely no female students around, have a wonderful time. A female teacher in a mixed-sex school finds it difficult to get the attention of the male student because she faces stiff competition from outstandingly hot female students. Although a hottie female teacher will always get the male student’s attention. But in an all-boys school, a mildly attractive female teacher can easily have 75% of the class wanting to get into her panties. And the teachers in private schools don’t get a big paycheck. Nowhere near the salary of a public school teacher. But money is not everything. Happiness in life is about having intense and rewarding relationships.

    So Amanda Iles appears to have had a really good time teaching at a private all-boys school. She had a good time teaching the catechism to Catholic boys. Catholic boys who would much rather have an “Amanda experience” than a religious experience.

    And one wonders whether she had several boys at the same time: One penetrates her and the others watch. Did she allow any boy to experience his first penetration of a woman’s rectal canal? And did she allow any teenagers to watch her face while that took place?

    But a teacher needs to wait until the kid graduates from school. And wait a few months after that. Then she can find out whether he wants to pursue a relationship. She can go to eat in places around the school to meet some of them by chance. But only those who have graduated. Many have always wanted to be intimate with her. And now they can finally enjoy that intimacy.

    But teachers will always get in trouble when hanky-panky starts when the kid is still in school. They have learned that simple lesson time and time again. This time it was the boy’s mother who turned her in. A mother who wanted to be the only one jerking her son off before he went to bed.

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