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‘Possessed’ Teen Antoinette Nearly Crucified to Death in Brutal French ‘Exorcism’


A Cameroonian teenager living in a suburb of Paris has survived a brutal week-long crucifixion-style ‘exorcism’ conducted by a self-proclaimed ‘prophet’ who believed the young woman was possessed by ‘Satan.’

AFP reports the 19-year-old woman, identified only by her first name Antoinette, was discovered by police at a housing estate in Grigny, south of Paris. She was bound to a mattress, allegedly for a week, in the position of Jesus’s fatal crucifixion. Police say the victim was emaciated, dehydrated, in shock and showed signs of having been beaten by her captors.

Three men and a woman, all of French-Caribbean background and all former members of the US-based Seventh Day Adventist Christian sect have been arrested and charged in connection with the case. One of them, Eric Deron, is the victim’s former boyfriend and is believed to be the ringleader. Prosecutors claim Deron suffers from delusions that he is a “prophet on a divine mission.” Charges against the four include kidnapping and torture.

The victim told investigators she was kept alive with small amounts of water and oil. She claims the ‘exorcism’ was organized after she jumped on Deron while “babbling incomprehensibly,” according to AFP. Deron, who believed the woman was possessed by ‘Satan,’ decided to exorcise her ‘demons.’

“To them, she was possessed; that is why they did not call a doctor,” Jacques Bourdais, attorney for the accused, told AFP. “You call a doctor when someone is sick; when someone is possessed, you exorcise them.”

The Seventh Day Adventist sect stressed that it had expelled the four accused in 2010 and that this type of exorcism is incompatible with church teachings.

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