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Video: Davenport Officer Scott Crow Brutally Beats Shoplifting Woman Brandie Redell In Front of Her 1-Year-Old Daughter

A Quad Cities police officer remains on the job and free from criminal charges despite the emergence of a video showing him brutally beating a female shoplifter who was not resisting him.

NBC Chicago reports 34-year-old Brandie Redell was caught trying to shoplift several hundred dollars worth of women’s clothing from a Van Maur department store in Davenport on February 18. Store security called police, who proceeded to question the woman in a small office. A store security camera clearly shows two Davenport police officers in the office with Redell and her 1-year-old daughter.

According to CBS Chicago:

While store security has Redell turn over the things she’s taken, two Davenport police officers walk in. Redell calls her boyfriend telling him to pick up their daughter. When one of the officer’s hears Redell’s boyfriend’s name, he tells Redell, “This is going to get ugly, real quick.”

Redell’s boyfriend, James Gibson, is a community activist who had done some sensitivity training with the department when it comes to race and officers dealing with the public.

One of the officers, identified as Scott Crow, then walks over to Redell, pushes her down and rains a series of furious blows down on her face, head and body with both of his fists.

“I was crying and begging him to get off me,” Redell said in an interview with the Better Government Association. Redell’s right eye was injured from the brutal attack; she claims her vision remains impaired more than five months later.

(WQAD screen grab)

(WQAD screen grab)

In his police report, Officer Crow claims Redell bit his finger, something she does not deny.

“I bit down because nothing else that I tried worked,” she told NBC Chicago, explaining that Crow would not stop beating her despite her pleas.

When asked by CBS Chicago if she believed her boyfriend’s race had something to do with the police brutality, Redell said, “I do, because I don’t think the police were really thrilled that a white woman was calling a black man for help, especially one that they already weren’t fond of.”

Redell pleaded guilty to misdemeanor shoplifting. A second misdemeanor charge of assaulting a police officer was dropped.

Redell claims to suffer from panic attacks whenever she sees police officers. She is receiving therapy to help her deal with what happened to her.

As for Crow, he was reportedly disciplined for using excessive force but remains on the job. He has not been charged in connection with the brutal attack.

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  1. Al the GreatAugust 8, 2013 at 10:30 amReply

    The police are NOT your friends and will NOT protect you. The internet is overflowing with sick, violent LEO’s abusing the citizens and stomping all over the Constitution. False accusations of “Obstruction of a pig, I mean police officer”. Total disregard of a person’s civil rights. It never ends. Only when citizens protect themselves with deadly force will these bags of shit cease their assault on law abiding citizens.

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