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Simon McCoy Brutally Honest about BBC Royal Baby ‘News’ Coverage

A BBC reporter ended live coverage of the imminent royal birth with a brutally honest assessment of the whole overblown affair.

Simon McCoy has been on ‘royal baby watch’ duty as Britain, and much of the Anglophile world, waits with baited breath as Kate Middleton, the ‘commoner’ who became the Duchess of Cambridge after marrying Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and second in the line of succession to that atrocious anachronism called the British throne, goes into a labor nearly as painfully protracted as the media’s obsessed coverage of it.

Perhaps wishing he was covering some real news, McCoy ended a segment outside St. Mary’s Hospital in London, where Middleton is currently in the process of squeezing out the future figurehead, with the following gem for the ages:

“Well, plenty more to come from here, of course. None of it news, because that will come from Buckingham Palace. But that won’t stop us.”

The sovereign spawn of William and Kate, who will grow up to one day rule over absolutely nothing, is dominating UK headlines in a manner unseen since his parents tied the royal knot back in 2011 in an extravagant, taxpayer-funded affair attended by some of the world’s most repressive monarchs and an assortment of other unsavory characters. You’ll probably never see this reporter in perfect agreement with Bill O’Reilly, the acerbic firebrand who hosts Fox News’ most popular show, ever again. But O’Reilly’s commentary on the royal wedding was spot-on:

“So, how did they (the royal family) get all of their carriages and all the maintenance on their castles and everything? Because they stole it from the peasants!… How do you think the kings got all their castles? They stole them! This would be like us in America celebrating the wedding of Al Capone’s great-great-great-great-granddaughter because he stole the money. Come on!”

Or, as Marco Evers wrote in Germany’s Der Spiegel:

It is wrong if the head of state of a country can only come from one family. It’s wrong to furnish this clan with palaces, land and all manner of grants to spare its members from the indignity of having to earn their keep and enable them to live in luxury. It is wrong to address the Windsors, and from next Friday the delightful Kate Middleton as well, as Your Highness or even Your Majesty. It is wrong to see them as anything other than people made of flesh and blood, like you and I.

Today, around 370,000 babies will be born on planet earth. One of them will grow up to be a king or a queen, if all goes according to plan.

Today, around 10,800 of those babies will die before reaching the age of one month, mostly from preventable, poverty-related causes. Fully 99 percent of those deaths will occur in poor countries. Two-thirds of those poor country deaths will occur in 10 nations. Six of those 10 nations were colonized, plundered and left in abject poverty by the British, whose monarchs grew stupendously wealthy from this exploitation.

Now there’s some real baby news for you. Too bad you won’t hear this story on the BBC, or any other mainstream British (or American, for that matter) news source.

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