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KTVU’s epic Asiana 214 fail: Ho Lee Fuk, Sum Ting sure is Wong!

A Bay Area local news anchor, along with much of her newsroom, was bamboozled into reporting fake names of the four pilots aboard Asiana 214, the ill-fated flight that crashed upon landing at San Francisco International Airport (SFO) last Saturday.

KTVU, San Francisco’s Fox affiliate, announced during Friday’s noon newscast that the station “just learned the names of the four pilots on board” the doomed jetliner when it crashed.

But it turns out that KTVU, which touts itself as “first on air and on every platform in all aspects of our coverage… [and] 100 percent accurate,” fell victim to a big time semi-racist prank that neither producers nor anchor caught.

Reading slowly and deliberately as if to get the pronunciation just right, co-anchor Tori Campbell identified the four pilots as “Sum Ting Wong, Wi Tu Lo, Ho Lee Fuk and Bang Ding Ow.” Making matters worse, the four names were displayed on screen as they were read aloud.

Ho Lee Fuk, Sum Ting's definitely Wong with this picture!

Ho Lee Fuk, Sum Ting’s definitely Wong with this picture!

According to KTVU, it was only reporting the names verified by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). In an on-air apology issued about 15 minutes following the erroneous broadcast, the same anchor said:

“Earlier in the newscast we gave some names of pilots involved in the Asiana Airlines crash. These names were not accurate despite an NTSB official in Washington confirming them late this morning. We apologize for this error.”

“We sincerely regret the error and took immediate action to apologize, both in the newscast where the mistake occurred, as well as on our website and social media sites,” KTVU president and general manager Tom Raponi said. “Nothing is more important to us than having the highest level of accuracy and integrity, and we are reviewing our procedures to ensure this type of error does not happen again.”

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  1. MarkJuly 12, 2013 at 4:50 pmReply

    Ho Li Krap. Som Ting Wong at KTVU!

    But seriously, the “news media” today are a sad joke themselves. To fall for something THIS OBVIOUS shows just how very lazy they have become.

  2. wildJuly 12, 2013 at 10:00 pmReply

    Yah, Mark I agree, just another FOX entertainment event pretending to be news, the funny thing is all the mushrooms that regularly tune in and are completely seduced. I quit surfing FOX some years ago when Glenn Beck had the audacity to claim that ALL the nuclear waste produced in the U.S. could physically fit inside a room no larger than an high school gymnasium. The funny about that one was the guest on the show (a retiring CEO of Shell Oil) actually shook his head in agreement with Beck’s claim.

    But I will admit this prank was funny, I’m surprized they didn’t use their standard excuse: ‘we was hacked by anonymous’.

    I will give FOX a new motto suggestion instead of ‘100% accurate’ they could simply use: Turn Wrong First.


    • Brett WilkinsJuly 13, 2013 at 2:14 amReplyAuthor

      In all fairness, KTVU is but a Fox affiliate… Fox News proper had nothing to do with this. Think some of the most progressive, game-changing shows of our lifetime– Married With Children, Simpsons, Family Guy– all Fox, yet no Fox News…

    • MarkJuly 16, 2013 at 10:18 amReply

      Ammmm, KTVU is a FOX affiliate, not a part of the FOX News Network. On related note, if you’re looking for “mushrooms” check out the Obama robots on MSNBC and CNN.

  3. wildJuly 13, 2013 at 8:17 amReply

    Hey Brett, it is fair there is a contract of affiliation, with lots of fine print that somehow insulates the leadership from the affiliate, and vice versa. I should also apologize much like KTVU has done, I also got the names wrong.


    • MarkJuly 16, 2013 at 10:23 amReply

      You wouldn’t say that if this was a CNN gaffe. MSNBC and CNN are about as corrupt and in tank for Obama as you can get. They don’t even bother to hide their bias anymore. Lay off FOX and look at the bias of those two for balance.

      It’s obvious that you came here to bash FOX News even though Fox News and the local news on KTVU don’t have ANYTHING in common.

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