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Fox News Host Brian Kilmeade Praises Leader of Violent UK Anti-Muslim Hate Group EDL

EDL supporters give Nazi salutes and wave the American flag at a recent demonstration. (Photo: Francisco J. Hernández)

EDL supporters give Nazi salutes and wave an American flag at a recent demonstration. (Photo: Francisco J. Hernández)

A Fox News host has raised eyebrows and ire by heaping praise upon the leader of a British anti-Muslim hate group known for its Nazi salutes and violent demonstrations.

Brian Kilmeade welcomed English Defence League (EDL) leader Tommy Robinson on his Fox radio show “Kilmeade & Friends” on Monday. The EDL, a neo-fascist white supremacist hate group fond of Nazi salutes and attacking non-whites, especially Muslims and their mosques, claims it is not racist and is only looking out for the interests of Britain’s white working class, which it sees as under attack by immigrants and Islam. Robinson, who once introduced a fellow EDL member who implored Britain to “send the black cunts home,” believes that Muslims are engaged in a plot to overthrow the British government and impose Sharia law on the nation.

Kilmeade lauded EDL leader Robinson on his show, telling him that “it’s great what you’re doing.” Robinson said that Britain “needs America’s support” like it did during the two world wars “because we need to take our country back”– a familiar refrain often heard from right-wing American leaders and groups, including those opposed to immigration and Islam.

Don’t worry, Kilmeade assured the xenophobic EDL leader who was once arrested for entering the United States on false identity documents in order to attend an anti-Islam event with reactionary American hatemonger Pamela Geller.

“We got your back,” the Fox host told Robinson.

After the interview, Kilmeade tweeted: “Check out Tommy Robinson and his mission to rid Britain of Muslim extremists.”

That tweet should have ended with “rid Britain of all Muslims.”

Kilmeade isn’t the first Fox News personality to pal around with the leader of the EDL. Last week, the far more popular Bill O’Reilly gave a sympathetic interview with Robinson, lending an air of legitimacy to a sometimes violent and racist extremist group.

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