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Video: Japanese Woman Eats Live Frog Sushi

A controversial YouTube video of a young Japanese woman enjoying a dish of live frog sushi is the latest viral sensation.

The video, which was originally posted in 2012, has really started racking up views lately. It has now been seen more than 700,000 times.

In the video, a large frog is stabbed, beheaded, skinned, gutted and served up on an iced plate with a lemon slice and soy sauce, its eyes returning the diner’s hungry gaze. The poor creature even flops around on the plate, its two front legs still attached to its head, as the excited young diner daintily uses her chopsticks to sample the unusual delicacy. She can be seen mouthing the Japanese word for ‘delicious’–oishi— after tasting the dish.

“I feel sick watching how the woman could still smile and eat sashimi while the frog was looking at her,” a commenter on the Singaporean citizen journalist site Stomp wrote after the story made headlines in Asia last year.

“I love to eat frog porridge, especially frog legs,” the commenter continued. “I’m fine with eating raw food but I definitely wouldn’t want to see the frogs still twitching around on my plate and eventually die before my eyes.”

“The poor frog in the video is being tortured alive and being made to watch its own innards get ripped and placed on a serving platter. How cruel is that?” the Stomper wrote.

In a past episode of the hit show “Bizarre Foods,” globe-trotting gross-out gastronome Andrew Zimmern also sampled live frog sashimi. In the show, the frog appears to be unconscious. But the chef then removes its still-beating heart, which Zimmern then devours. “Not bad,” he proclaims. Zimmern is then served his plated frog sashimi. This time, thankfully, the amphibian’s head sits motionless as he eats.

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