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Florida Boy Jarvan Jackson, 11, Dies after Accidental Shooting by 4-Year-Old Relative

An 11-year-old North Florida boy has died two days after being accidentally shot by a four-year-old identified as a relative.

WTEV reports that 11-year-old Jarvan Jackson of Lake City died on Tuesday at UF & Shands Hospital in Gainesville. Jarvan had been accidentally shot by a four-year-old relative in a home at the Cedar Park apartment complex in Lake City, where at least six other children were reportedly present at the time of the incident. At least one adult was also reported in the apartment.

In a phone interview with First Coast News, Jarvan’s grandmother said that the boy’s 2- and 4-year-old sister and brother were playing with the loaded gun when Jarvin tried to take it away from them. That’s when the weapon accidentally discharged, shooting Jarvan in the neck.

“I saw a young man just crying and screaming ‘somebody help me,'” neighbor Barbara Allen told First Coast News.

“After the police came and they pulled the baby out, it just hurt my heart,” Allen said.

“The children were covered in blood,” the woman who called 911 told WTEV. She did not want to reveal her identity but said she was a mother herself. “I went inside the house because I heard all the kids screaming and the little boy was lying on his back, covered up.”

“It was Mother’s Day,” Allen said. “I couldn’t even imagine how the mother felt on Mother’s Day.”

Jarvan reportedly suffered a stroke and was placed on a ventilator after being admitted to UF & Shands Hospital.

Police are investigating how the young children got hold of the gun; no charges have yet been filed.

According to the woman who called 911, the adult male who was present in the apartment at the time of the shooting is worried about facing legal consequences.

“He was like… ‘I’m going to prison, my life is over,'” the woman said.

But on Tuesday, the only life that was actually over was little Jarvan’s.

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