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Video: Jeremy Drew, 12, Grills Las Vegas Cop over Illegal Sidewalk Parking

Soooo busted!

Soooo busted!

Video of a justice-minded Nevada boy calling out a motorcycle cop who parked illegally on a sidewalk just to get a beverage has gone viral.

The YouTube video of the exchange between the mustached officer and 12-year-old Jeremy Drew of Las Vegas has been viewed 3.5 million times since being posted last September. User wesleyt89 posted the video, which hadn’t received too much attention on YouTube, on the social news site Reddit Sunday. The rest is viral video history.

In the clip, Jeremy approaches a Las Vegas Metro Police officer who is returning to his illegally-parked motorcycle after getting a large beverage.

“Hello,” the boy respectfully says, “Is there a reason for you to park on the sidewalk? Is it like an emergency or anything?”

It is not an emergency or anything, the officer responds in so many words. Jeremy then asks if he can see the officer’s badge number. Officer asks why.

“Because I have the right to,” Jeremy replied.

“You do, huh, what are you, a junior lawyer?” the officer asks.

“No, I just want to see your badge number,” the brave boy persists. The officer refuses; Jeremy asks again.

The officer then asks for the boy’s ID. Perhaps he is a ‘junior lawyer;’ he deflects the officer’s request by telling his he’s a minor. Officer then tries to implicate Jeremy in the crime of loitering, to which he replies that he is conducting the business of filming. He again asks to see the officer’s badge number; again, no dice. So ends the video. It is unclear if the officer was ever identified or held accountable for parking illegally on the sidewalk.

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