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‘Douche du Jour’– Internet Trolls ‘Lolokaust’ Release “Boston Marathon 2013: Terror in the Streets” Video Game

April 24, 2013 by Brett Wilkins in Douche du Jour with 0 Comments

Boston Marathon bombing video game

An infamous group of Internet trolls has released a shockingly graphic and tasteless video game based on the Boston Marathon terror bombing.

Called “Boston Marathon 2013: Terror on the Streets,” the primitive yet gruesome game is the work of Lolokaust, who promise that their “careful retrobit recreation of the Boston Marathon bombing will put you right in the action.”

“Hey fags,” greets a voice-over in a trailer for the game. “Tired of watching the Boston Marathon disaster on TV? Well, now you can live it! It’s a video game!” The creators call their game “the leading Boston Marathon 2013 survival simulator in the universe.”

The player controls a runner who must leap over pressure cooker bombs. Miss a jump and get blown to bloody bits or horribly maimed.

“You got fucked up, better luck next year,” reads a caption of a player whose legs were blown off.

Survive the game and this message appears: “Congratulations! You survived the Boston Marathon! By sheer perseverance you have willed those asshole terrorists to stop terrorizing forever! Everyone rejoices, the world is safe and you get to have sex with Obama’s wife. America forever!”

As BuzzFeed points out, this isn’t the first such sickeningly shocking simulator to (dis)grace the ‘net. In addition to Buzzfeed’s examples– “Kindergarten Killer,” “Pico’s School” and “Ethnic Cleansing,” there were also such titles as “Kaboom!: The Suicide Bomber Game,” “Border Patrol” and “Dog Wars,” to name but a few of the worst.

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