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Brothers Paul and JP Norden Both Lost Legs in Boston Terror Bombing

Paul and JP Norden (Photo: Facebook)

Paul and JP Norden (Photo: Facebook)

Two brothers standing near the finish line of the Boston Marathon bost lost legs in Monday’s terrorist attack on the iconic race.

ABC News reports that Paul and J.P. Norden were watching a friend compete in the race when two blasts in rapid succession rocked the area at around 2:50 p.m. Martin Richard, the 8-year-old Dorchester boy who died in the attack, was standing nearby.

Paul Norden, 31, was rushed to Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital. One the way there, he called his mother Liz Norden, who had just finished carrying groceries into her Wakefield, Massachusetts home when her cell phone rang.

“Ma, I’m hurt real bad,” Paul told her, according to the Boston Globe.

“My son called me at 3 on my cell phone to tell me that he was hurt really bad and he couldn’t find his brother or his girlfriend and he was being rushed to the hospital,” Norden, who has five children, told ABC News. “We couldn’t find my other son for a long time afterwards.”

J.P., 32, was taken to Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Both men lost legs as a result of the attack. The two terrorist bombs had been made from pressure cookers packed with large amounts of shrapnel; they were designed to inflict just this sort of gruesome damage on their victims.

“They both lost a leg below the knee,” Norden told ABC News. “I don’t really know too much because it’s just so overwhelming. It’s like a nightmare.”

The Boston Globe reports that both brothers were graduates of Stoneham High School in Stoneham and had recently been laid off from their jobs as roofers. Both are avid fishermen.

Norden said that neither brother knows that the other has suffered the same fate.

“They don’t know… They have them so sedated they don’t know what’s going on,” she told ABC News.

The Norden brothers had attended the marathon with five other friends, all of whom were also injured.

“Another one of their friends lost a leg,” Norden told ABC News. “It’s just terrible. They’re such great kids… Please say prayers for them.”

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