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Utah Cops: Carol Lee Leazar-Hardman and Michael Condor Served, Ate Razor Blade-Spiked Doughnuts in Failed Scam Attempt

razor blades in doughnuts

A Utah couple have been arrested after attempting to scam a grocery store by inserting razor blades in doughnuts before ingesting them and feeding one to a co-worker.

The Deseret News reports that 39-year-old Carol Lee Leazar-Hardman and her boyfriend Michael Condor, 35, were arrested on Monday by police in Draper, 20 miles south of Salt Lake City.

Last Wednesday, police received a call claiming that a small, sharp metal object was found in a doughnut purchased at a Smith’s Food Store in Draper. The supermarket pulled the particular brand of doughnuts from its shelves as a precautionary measure.

According to Draper Police Sgt. Chad Carpenter, detectives investigating the incident felt that “things weren’t adding up.”

Police believe that Leazar-Hardman and Condor were trying to scam Smith’s Food Store into paying a settlement. In order to make their effort seem as real as possible, the couple allegedly ate doughnuts containing numerous small pieces of razor blades. Hospital X-rays showed “several razor blades” in their stomachs, according to a probable cause statement.

Investigators claim that Condor has confessed to running a scam on the grocery store.

“We interviewed the male today and he did admit… that this was just scheme brought up by them. They wanted to get a settlement of some sort,” Carpenter told the News.

According to police, the couple was in debt.

Among the charges the couple faces is aggravated assault for allegedly knowingly feeding one of the spiked doughnuts to a co-worker at a Dollar Tree store. The co-worker bit into the doughnut and noticed something was in it before calling police. No injury was reported.

This is not the most bizarre scam concocted by a money-seeking customer. In 2009 another couple, Jaime Plascencia and Anna Ayala of San Jose, California, were sentenced to lengthy prison terms for planting a severed human finger in a bowl of Wendy’s chili in a failed attempt to extort the fast-food giant.

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