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Somebody Bid $105,000 to Deflower Brazilian Sex Doll ‘Valentina.’ Really.

Someone is willing to pay $105,000 to sleep with this doll. (Photo: Sexônico)

Someone is willing to pay $105,000 to screw this doll. (Photo: Sexônico)

The manufacturer of Brazil’s first ‘life-like sex doll’ is auctioning off the opportunity to ‘deflower’ the faux-femme, and bidding has now surpassed $100,000.

Her name is Valentina, and she’s being billed as the “first Brazilian Real Doll.” She’s made by a company called Sexônico, which also sells a Barack Obama sex doll and is hosting the First Annual International Inflatable Doll Show in São Paulo this week.

Coinciding with the show is a once-in-a-lifetime chance for one lucky guy (or gal, I suppose) to de-virginize Valentina by being the highest bidder in what’s got to be the most unusual auction I’ve ever seen. In addition to securing the right to make sweet, synthetic love to Valentina, the winner will receive: flights to and from São Paulo, a night’s stay in the Presidential Suite at Motel Swing (a ‘love motel’ in São Paulo), a candlelight champagne dinner, an aromatic rose petal bath, sexy lingerie for Valentina and a digital camera to capture scenes from the erotic encounter to share with friends.

So, you’re asking yourself, what kind of man would bid for the ‘privilege’ of being the first to screw an inflatable doll, and how high have the offers gone? Are you sitting down? Well, as of Friday afternoon, a gentleman named Raul Espindola has bid $105,100 for Valentina’s maidenhead. This is no joke. Raul is perfectly willing to drop the cost of a new Porsche 911 convertible or a condo in Brazil for a one-night stand with a doll.

Valentina’s not just any old blow-up doll, mind you. According to Sexônico, she’s covered in a life-like ‘cyberskin’ with joints made of PVC. “She has green eyes, fleshy lips, full breasts and a body that is the envy of every woman,” the company promises.

Some of you might get the feeling that there’s something familiar about this story, and you’re right– with one big difference. A pair of real young Brazilian women have recently made global headlines by auctioning off their virginity. The most famous of the two, 20-year-old Catarina Migliorini, sold hers for $780,000 to a Japanese businessman named Natsu last year, while 18-year-old Rebecca Bernardo claimed she was auctioning hers out of desperation to pay for her mother’s medical expenses.

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