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Ohio Man Jim Lawry ‘Finds Jesus’ in Bird Turd

February 25, 2013 by Brett Wilkins in American Idiots, Religion with 0 Comments
(YouTube screen grab)

(YouTube screen grab)

An Ohio man who claims to have ‘found Jesus’ in the form of bird droppings on the windshield of his car has given a whole new meaning to ‘holy shit.’

Jim Lawry of Brooklyn noticed the divine dropping, which he said looked like regular bird splatter from the outside of his car, and got the notion to record a video of the splotch.

“A bird pooped on my car windshield and when I got inside the view was like Jesus looking down on me,” Lawry wrote below a now-deleted YouTube video. “I had family and friends get in my car and they too were a bit amazed.”

“It’s a perfect portrait,” he added. “It’s like Jesus staring right at me.”

“Absolutely amazing! It looks so clear to me,” Lawry marveled.

The folks over at MSN said they thought it looked more like a “dog wearing a wig.”

Not Lawry. In an e-mail to ABC 5, he said he believes the bird turd is some kind of a sign.

Yes, Jim, it’s a sign that you need to wash your windshield.

This is far from the first time that a Christian has spotted their Lord and Savior and other holy figures in unusual places.

Last November, hundreds of Catholics flocked to a hospital in Malaysia to bear witness to a ‘miracle stain’ of the Virgin Mary in an old window.

Last July, US Christians descended upon Baton Rouge, Louisiana to worship a statue of the Virgin Mary that was, they believed, ‘bleeding’ from its head. Bird poop was the likely explanation in this case as well.

A month earlier, a Texas family ‘found Jesus’ in the form of rank old shower scum.

But perhaps the most bizarre form the ‘Son of God’ has taken is that of a pug’s asshole. We shit you not. Birds, on the other hand…

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