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Video: It’s ‘Raining Spiders’ in Brazil

It’s an arachnophobe’s worst nightmare. You get up in the morning and open your window to see an endless sea of spiders showering from the grey sky. Only thing is, this was no bad dream for the residents of Santo Antônio da Platina, 265 miles (425 km) west of São Paulo. As this YouTube video clearly shows, the sky above parts of the usually sleepy town recently filled with arachnids dangling from power lines and seeming to just “rain” down from the overcast sky.

The spiders in the video have been identified as Anelosimus exemius, a cooperative social species that lives in colonies of up to several thousand individuals. These spiders hunt together and also team up to build their expansive webs.

The “raining spiders” video has been attributed to Erick Reis, who according to the Toronto Star was shooting a wedding video at the time. It’s been viewed more than a million times in two different postings.

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