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Chung Kim Allegedly Shoots, Kills Dallas Neighbors Michelle Jackson and Jamie Stafford over Dog Droppings

Michelle Jackson Jamie StaffordA Texas man allegedly shot and killed a couple in a neighboring apartment because he was angry that they dumped dog droppings outside his home.

The Dallas Morning News reports that 75-year-old Chung Kim allegedly shot and killed Michelle Jackson and Jamie Stafford, both 31, at Sable Ridge apartments on Abrams Road in northeastern Dallas on Monday. Jackson, the mother of five children, was engaged to be married to Stafford.

The couple lived upstairs from Kim for about two years. Tensions between the neighbors grew after the couple brought home a dog about nine months ago, neighbors said. Kim was furious that the dog, named Selena, was urinating on the couple’s balcony and that they had allegedly dumped dog feces onto his balcony.

Kim, who lives with his wife, had also reportedly complained about noise from the dog and from the children living in the couple’s apartment.

According to police, at around 8:00 a.m. on Monday, Kim and Jackson got into an argument about the dog. Jackson was standing on her balcony when Kim allegedly pulled out a handgun and shot the woman multiple times before going upstairs and entering her apartment. There, he allegedly shot Stafford, who was trying to escape by climbing over a patio railing. After Stafford fell to the ground, Kim allegedly went downstairs and shot him again.

According to witnesses, Kim fired eight shots. Both of his alleged victims were shot in the head.

Police say Kim fled in his car and was arrested at a nearby intersection.

NBC 5 reports that a 1-month-old baby, the couple’s first together, was found unharmed inside the apartment where the fatal shooting occurred. Four other children were at school at the time of the incident.

“When they come home today, their mother and their father is gone,” neighbor Yolanda Washington told NBC 5. “They call the newborn Little Mama. Little Mama is never going to know her parents,” Washington lamented.

Jackson, who volunteered for 30 hours a week with AmeriCorps Vista, a national service program that fights poverty, was described as a “happy” woman who was pursuing a degree in education.

“She was really happy she was going back to school,” local AmeriCorps director Keven Vicknair told the Morning News. “It’s insane that this happened to her when everything was looking up. She was great.”

The mother of five also served at the Dallas Community Lighthouse, a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving childhood education.

Jackson and Stafford now rank among the nearly 1,300 people shot to death in the United States since the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre in Newtown, Connecticut in December.

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  1. Kayla ArceneauxFebruary 6, 2013 at 9:39 amReply

    My heart really goes out to the family, and especially those childern. He was a HEARTLESS man to be able to really kill two people like that over something like that. I would understand more if he called the manager or something, but to just kill them like that?? That is so wrong! May they souls be with our God. Smh reading this really broke my heart!

    • Lee BrownFebruary 6, 2013 at 5:26 pmReply

      Neighbors said he repeatedly called management. Oftentimes management refuses to take action, as they did in this instance. He was an old man, being driven crazy by a couple of inconsiderate people who certainly knew better. I am not glad they were murdered. But we need to stop and think about our actions and realize that our actions might have consequences that we cannot imagine. I am ill and often have to call our management in my apartment about my upstairs neighbors……they took care of it one time, but subsequently have said other neighbors are not complaining. Well, the others do not live beneath all of the stomping, cursing loud music. I had to resort to the police and thankfully the acted immediately, even contacting code enforcement regarding that tenant and the property itself. No, I would not shoot someone, but I spent many days crying for quietness. I deserve peace at the place where I pay rent.

      • apemonkeyssuckSeptember 29, 2013 at 5:13 pmReply

        I’m glad they were murdered.

  2. Lee BrownFebruary 6, 2013 at 5:20 pmReply

    The elderly are so often disrespected by young people. If this man had complained so many times, they should have stopped this. They were deliberately meddling that old man. I certainly wish that he had not been pushed to the point of murder, but a human can only take so much. If you have ever lived in an apartment where upstairs neighbors refuse to respect your right to quietness and peace, one can see how this man could have been driven crazy. You don’t know if your neighbors are ill or working at home and needing a quiet environment, or what else could be going on. Just be respectful and humble with tender mercies.

  3. CatherineFebruary 11, 2013 at 8:30 amReply

    This is the reason why our country is going to hell. This man murdered two people and is still being made to be the victim. How is that even possible? He murdered two people. The elderly are disrespected by younger people but that in no way entitles them to the right to murder. I could see if this man was physically abused or even attacked but neither of these things have been reported. In fact from all reports, no actions were ever taken against the couple. If the management and police ignored his protests, does that give him the right to kill? NO! This man should have to spend the rest of his sad life in jail. I hope he likes his new neighbors.

  4. TruthFebruary 12, 2013 at 9:37 amReply

    So, you’re justifying it because he’s an old man and a little dog shit got on the porch he had a right to kill them? Are you fucking kidding me? Glad hes gonna rot in TDC.. There are now 5 motherless and fatherless children because of this bitch ass old fart and you have the audacity to say “a human can only take so much?”. Well, I hope he can take dick and brooms up his ass for the rest of his life!

  5. caramel girlFebruary 12, 2013 at 7:06 pmReply

    This is just so tragic and should not have happen.Two lifes lost simply because of dog shit…Now those poor children have to go through life without there mother.How could he be so heartless as to take there lifes away instead he could have called the authorities or simply moved out if he was that fed up.I understand when living in a apartment it can really get noisy but nothing can justify taking someones life away.Also kids are gonna be kids so for people who dont want to hear any

  6. Me&USeptember 6, 2013 at 2:59 amReply

    “…Jackson, volunteered 30 hours a week, mother of 5 and a dog… “happy” woman pursuing a degree in education….”. Don’t make any sense… a person with such “fine” character should not get into any heated argument with anyone.

    Seems like the news trying to paint a nice picture on the victims who got shot. No sane people will use force unless encountering those unreasonable and hypocrites and violents.

    @Catherine, maybe we should disarm all the law enforcement officers and tell them to sweet talk to those criminals threatening you for money in your neighborhood.

  7. apemonkeyssuckSeptember 29, 2013 at 5:17 pmReply

    This story made me happy. This needs to happen more. Blacks are the scum of the earth!

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