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Indian Man Kankar Marar Accused of Having Sex with Cow

Man KankarAn Indian man allegedly caught raping a cow was nearly lynched by angry villagers on Thursday night.

Kankar Marar, 25, of Linga village in the Balaghat District of Madhya Pradesh, was arrested after the alleged incident. According to the Times of India, Marar was literally caught with his pants down in a neighbor’s cowshed. The alleged assailant was reportedly drunk when caught in the act. Infuriated villagers assembled a lynch mob, and Marar had to be rescued by police.

The owner of the violated animal submitted a written complaint to police in which he accused Marar of repeatedly trespassing on his property in the evenings and heading toward the cowshed. On Thursday night, the farmer was awakened upon hearing suspicious noises and allegedly caught Marar in the act of committing bestiality.

According to police, Marar confessed to forcing himself upon the cow, explaining that his wife abandoned him a year ago and that he chose to rape the cow to satisfy his sexual urges.

Marar was arrested for trespassing and “unnatural sex.”

This is the latest in a string of bestiality arrests to make headlines around the world this year.

Earlier this month, Goliath Nyirenda of Zambia, southern Africa, was arrested and charged with having sex with a chicken.

In Michigan, 57-year-old Charles Ralph Horton of Cedar Springs was arrested on suspicion of sodomizing a dog on multiple occasions in 2012.

Across the border in Ontario, Canada, Ryan Brett and Donna Fleury, both 34, were arrested and charged with growing 1,600 marijuana plants and committing bestiality with a dog housed in a kennel on the property.

And in Delaware, Samantha L. Golt, 24, is accused of having sex with a dog while her boyfriend, 25-year-old James P. Crow, allegedly photographed the act.

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  1. liaFebruary 14, 2013 at 8:50 pmReply

    I can’t believe this….whats thet world coming to… freaky ass bastards. my boyfriend was into watching women fuck a dog and etc….i dumped his azz

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