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Roe v Wade at 40: Sondra Tawfik on the Gift of Life

(Photo: Sheba Also)

(Photo: Sheba Also)

Every human life at its fundamental core has a ‘soul’ or ‘spirit’. The human body is nothing more than a vessel carrying the soul, for relatively speaking, a very short period of time. Within each human soul resides a wealth of talents, dreams, and possibilities. No two souls are the same. Each is designed by God’s hand to unique perfection.

What value I, Sondra Tawfik, can add to this world and humanity is unique and needed. It may seem small and insignificant to most, but so are the bolts that help hold together the Empire State Building. What value I can add to the world, Jane, Bob, Sarah, and Josh simply cannot. What each of them adds is special and unique as well. What each human spirit possesses within and shares with the world and humanity as a whole is a needed footprint on planet earth.

Imagine something so close to home to many of us. Simply imagine how your day would be different if an individual like Steve Jobs was never born to our world? Imagine how your day would be different if the lead singer of your favorite rock band was never born? Imagine how your day would be different if your colleague who through the years became your best friend, and who you spend 80 percent of your time with, was never born? Just imagine how your everyday would be different if the heart surgeon who saved your sick little Cousin Joey’s life in just the nick of time was never born? Please take a moment now to imagine just one person who you truly love never having been part of your life. If it appears to be something you can stomach easily enough, than please search your heart and soul until you are able to accurately define love, or at least come close to it.

Life is a gift. It’s a gift to the one given the life to live, and it’s a gift to the world. The act of abortion is often called ‘murder’. I am not going to call it such. I am going to say it can often be qualified as a ‘selfish act’, as it is the withholding of a very much needed footprint here on earth. It’s a withholding of ‘limitless good possibilities’.

Listen here– humanity is suffering. A big part of its suffering has to do with us living as if everything and everyone is ‘replaceable’. So many of us are living as though our dreams comfort, and desires should come above all. This is a false sense of power. It is ego to its core, and it’s a total and complete void of love. It’s often an indication of irresponsibility. With a little planning, we can often avoid many unwanted situations.

Let me ask this question to all, myself included: Do you love the people in your life? I mean do you truly love the people in your life? Do you believe that their essence is irreplaceable? Or are you simply loving them for the mere fact that they are who are in your life, filling a role, and not paying much attention at all to their unique and beautiful qualities? Listen people, everyone needs love. And everyone needs to feel and know that they are special. We must stop playing ruler over the universe, (a role clearly not ours to play), and start noticing and really selecting the people in our lives because we really love their essence, because we really love their heart and soul. If we all do this, then every single spirit/soul is needed, and will want its gift of life; its chance to contribute to humanity.

And if you really don’t want a baby, if a baby will really stop you from living the life you believe you have the right to live and you cannot live it to its full potential with a baby to take care of and love, then my advice to you is quite simple: Don’t make one, period.

Yes, I am ‘pro-choice’. The thing is I understand many of the implications of ending a human life before it really ever got the chance to make its mark and live out its gift. And, more importantly, I understand that as a woman, I have the right to ensure an unwanted pregnancy never happens to me, most of the time.

Sondra TawfikSondra Tawfik is an IT consultant and fashion designer native to and living in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

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