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Indonesia Supreme Court Hopeful Muhammad Daming Sunusi: “Women May Enjoy Rape”

Muhammad Daming Sunusi (Photo: Tempo//Imam Sukamto)

Muhammad Daming Sunusi (Photo: Tempo//Imam Sukamto)

An Indonesian judge with Supreme Court aspirations has raised eyebrows and ire by stating that women may enjoy being raped.

Appearing before a parliamentary panel questioning him as part of the Supreme Court appointment process, Muhammad Daming Sunusi was asked on Monday if he thought the death penalty was a suitable punishment for rape.

Daming replied that since both rapist and victim “might have enjoyed it,” judges should “think twice about imposing the death penalty.”

Members of the parliamentary commission reportedly laughed at Daming’s response.

The judge later apologized, claiming his remark was just a joke meant to “ease the tension” of the grilling inquiry.

The House Judicial Commission repudiated Daming’s comment on Tuesday.

“We regret his statement,” Judicial Commission spokesperson Asep Rahmat Fajar said, adding that lawmakers should take Daming’s “controversial statements” into account when considering his potential appointment to the high court.

“We never expected that [Daming] would have expressed such thoughts in the selection process at the House yesterday,” Asep added.

Indonesian women reacted to Daming’s damning comment with anger.

“The damage has been done,” Primastuti Handayani, managing editor of the Jakarta Post, wrote. “Nothing he said in his apology can heal the wound he caused.”

The editor pointed out that Daming isn’t the first Indonesian official to land in hot water over comments about women and rape. Last year, Jakarta Governor Fauzi Bowo made headlines around the world after he opined that women should avoid wearing miniskirts on public transport or face “unwanted consequences.”

Daming’s comment echoes sentiments expressed by right-wing lawmakers in the United States. In the most widely-reported incident, Rep. Todd Akin (R-MO) cost himself re-election when he said last August that women don’t get pregnant from “legitimate rape.”

A California judge also recently said that a woman’s body “shuts down” if she is really being raped.

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  1. RagnfastJanuary 17, 2013 at 4:07 amReply

    I hope he gets raped in the ass!

  2. Sy-NasJanuary 22, 2013 at 6:49 pmReply

    If someone in his family gets raped, will he feel the same way?

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