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United States Places 15th in Democracy Ranking

December 22, 2012 by Brett Wilkins in World with 2 Comments

Americans like to think of themselves as the freest people on the planet. But an annual ranking of the most– and least– democratic nations in the world draws a markedly different conclusion. In fact, the US does not even crack the top 10 on the Austria-based Democracy Ranking Association’s 2012 index.

Based on the Democracy Ranking Association’s criteria, which include such factors as political freedom, civil liberties, gender equality as well as economic, educational, health and environmental indicators, the United States is the world’s 15th most democratic nation, slipping from 14th place on last year’s index. Nine of the top 10 nations are in Europe, with a Nordic sweep of Norway, Sweden and Finland topping the list. At the other end of the index, Libya, Syria and Yemen were ranked least democratic.

“The United States dropped from ranking position 14 to 15, but improved in scores from 78.3 to 78.5, with gains in politics, environment, health, and knowledge, but losses in economy and gender,” the report said.

The statistics for each indicator were sourced from some of the most prominent organizations and indices in each respective category. For example, Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index was used to rank the most and least corrupt nations, while Freedom House was cited for the press freedom rankings.

Click here for a list of the overall rankings and here for a chart containing a category-by-category breakdown of the various indicators used to tabulate the countries’ final scores.

Here are the overall rankings (chart by Democracy Ranking Association):

Democracy RankingScreen shot 2012-12-22 at 12.53.09 PM

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  1. JeffreyDecember 23, 2012 at 6:12 amReply



    America should rank even lower, as it is worse than 3rd world countries.

    For eg, Immigration (legal and illegal) is destroying America. Aliens are taking our jobs, depressing wages, causing congestion, overcrowding, inflation, crime and terrorism and bankrupting our welfare state. 80% of the people are against it. When you see our “representatives” (who are our servants) take bribes and turn to crimes against their own nation, such as flooding the nation with aliens, and we have to meekly beg our servants to stop their war on our nation, we know something is clearly wrong with our system.

    The problem is that there are no binding national referenda in the United States. Many other countries, including 3rd world countries, have it, but not the US! Therefore America’s secret shame is that we do not have a real democracy! That is why American pseudodemocracy is a joke. Our criminal govt. must be ashamed going around the world preaching democracy but denying it to its own people!

    The Constitution gave all the power to the 3 branches of govt. and assumed they will keep an eye on each other (“checks and balances”). The three branches have become corrupt, usurped power, and all three branches figured out that it is better to conspire, mug and terrorize the nation and totally ignore the owners, the US Citizens. To keep ultimate power in the hands of the people, the founding fathers put in the second amendment. The second amendment, which assumed that millions of armed citizens can easily ouster an illegal and anarchist govt. with equally armed thousands of soldiers, is effete because modern armies have weapons that can kill thousands at a time, so the people will be crushed in any violent uprising against a criminal government.

    So they keep passing evil laws the against our country, the public and against our will.

    But there is a solution to this govt’s war on the nation. It is a constitutional amendment to allow national referenda, so people can pass good laws in the national interest themselves. These laws will supersede laws passed by Congress and cannot be overturned except on constitutional grounds by a supermajority of both houses and unanimous vote of the Supreme Court. The people can then still override it by a 66% vote. Some believe that this right to amend the constitution is inherently vested in the American public. Others suggest an actual amendment. A survey showed that 76% of the public approved the idea.

    We can pass a national referendum that all laws that affect the nation as a whole, such as raising taxes, large welfare programs, foreign aid, immigration, bailouts, and raising the debt ceilings, etc. can become law only if finally approved by the people. We will solve 90% of our problems this way.

    For eg., see:

    We Americans need to visit these websites, join these groups, contribute and call radio talk shows, etc. and promote this idea and get the process started soon, before it is too late.

    • Brett WilkinsDecember 23, 2012 at 8:55 amReplyAuthor

      Most of the other countries ahead of the US on the Democracy Ranking chart welcome many immigrants, and reactionary elements within those nations also decry immigrants as a scourge. These nations, many of them homogenous until the influx of immigrants, are doing just fine, even though they are much smaller in size and population than the US. The US is suited to absorb as many, if not many more, immigrants than it currently does. Immigration is the lifeblood of this country and one of the only reasons that we, practically alone among industrialized nations, are enjoying population growth.

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