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What Do You Get When You Stuff a Turkey with Twinkies? Turtwinkie!

November 21, 2012 by Brett Wilkins in Food & Agriculture with 0 Comments

As Thanksgiving and the Hostess bankruptcy both fast approach, one New York restaurateur’s unique family recipe combines one of America’s favorite holiday dishes with one of its favorite snacks.

CBS New York reports that caterer Butch Yamali has been serving Twinkie-stuffed turkeys– turtwinkies, if you will– for years. It’s an old family recipe, he says, and with so much uncertainty surrounding the iconic Twinkie’s future in light of Hostess’s bankruptcy woes, Yamali wanted to say ‘thanks’ for years of cream-filled spongecake bliss. Thanksgiving seemed like the perfect occasion.

Yamali, who held a ‘turtwinkie’ tasting at Kennedy’s Tavern on West 57th Street in Manhattan, will serve ‘turtwinkie’ dinners to about 500 people at his Coral House restaurant in Baldwin, Long Island.

The successful restaurateur revealed the basics of the recipe to 1010 WINS:

“We take the turkey and we break up the Twinkie into our stuffing mix and we stuff the turkey with that and in the glaze, we use the cream filling of the Twinkie and we rub the outside of the turkey with it and with some seasoning and some honey and we cook it,” he said.

“People are excited,” Yamali told 1010 WINS. “They said they want to get their last shot at tasting a Twinkie.”

But CNN’s, Jeannie Moos, who took a “turtwinkie taste test” at Kennedy’s, said that while is delicious, she couldn’t taste any Twinkie.

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