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Swedish Woman Arrested for Sex with Skeleton

Talk about ‘skeletons in the closet’…

A Swedish woman has been arrested and charged with possession of human skeletal remains, which she allegedly used for sexual gratification.

The Local, the leading English-language news site in Sweden, reports that the unnamed 37-year old Gothenburg resident quite literally had skeletons in her closet. Prosecutors claim that the woman, who was arrested in September after police responded to an emergency call reporting a gun shot from her apartment, was formally charged with “violating the peace of the dead.”

The suspect is believed to have used the bones for sex. Investigators found CDs labeled “My necrophilia” and “My first experience.”

“Some of the photos show a woman licking a skull,” prosecutor Kristina Ehrenborg-Staffas told The Local.

“We claim it’s her, but she claims it’s someone else and that she found the pictures on the internet,” she added.

“She has a lot of photos of morgues and chapels, and documents about how to have sex with recently deceased and otherwise dead people,” the prosecutor told The Local, claiming the woman is “fascinated” with death.

“I want my man like he is, dead or alive.”

Also found were photos of a morgue, documents detailing how to have sex with dead people, body bags and a power drill.

The woman is alleged to have acknowledged the risks she was taking.

“My morals set my limits and I’m prepared to take the punishment if something should happen,” she is quoted in Goeteborgsposten. “It’s worth it. I want my man like he is, whether he is dead or alive. He allows me to find sexual happiness on the side.”

One of the 20 skulls in the woman’s apartment was found cuddled up beside a stuffed panda bear.

Investigators were left scratching their skulls at how the woman was able to amass nearly an entire human skeleton worth of bones. The woman is also alleged to have sold several human skulls over the internet.

“I have never heard of a case like this and neither have my colleagues, so I dare to say that this kind of case is quite uncommon,” Ehrenborg-Staffas said.

“You have to ask yourself why she would have those pictures,” she added, although a psychological examination has ruled out mental illness.

“During my ten years I have never had a patient with necrophilia. Although, I guess it is not really something that one confesses to having,” Katarina Öberg of the Andrology and Sexual Medicine department at Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm told The Local, adding that it was the first time she’s seen such a case in Sweden.

Prosecutors have admitted that they have no evidence that the suspect ever dug up any graves. The woman maintains that she is innocent of any crime.

“She admits to having the bones, but says she collected them out of a historical and archaeological interest,” Ehrenborg-Staffas told The Local.

Boning (human) bones is an offense punishable by up to two years in a Swedish slammer.

Here is a Swedish news story about the bizarre case, from Aftonbladet:

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