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Agenda 21: Georgia Senate Majority Leader Holds Briefing on ‘Secret Obama Mind Control Plot’

Obama, the United Nations and Agenda 21: plotting to subjugate Americans, if you believe some Republicans. (Photo: UN)

Georgia’s Senate Majority Leader held a closed-door briefing at which a Tea Party reject claimed that President Barack Obama is using mind control to force Americans into accepting a UN-run communist dictatorship.

Mother Jones reports that the October 11th meeting of the state Republican caucus was convened by Senate Majority Leader Chip Rogers. The four-hour event was emceed by Field Searcy, a conservative activist who was booted from the Georgia Tea Party as a result of his backing “birther” and “9/11 truth” conspiracies. There was also a cameo appearance, via video, by former Clinton aide-turned Fox News contributor Dick Morris, best known for his wildly inaccurate prediction that Mitt Romney would win the 2012 presidential election by a landslide.

Morris claimed that President Obama “wants to force everyone into the cities from whence our ancestors fled.” That was one of the main points of the PowerPoint presentation at the meeting, which was followed by a screening of the ‘documentary’ “Agenda: Grinding America Down.” The film, and Searcy, assert that Agenda 21, a non-binding United Nations accord promoting sustainable development, is an evil plot to force people to move to cities, submit to forced contraception to slow population growth and establish a UN-run communist government to rule over the world.

The UN and President Obama, the invitation to the briefing warned, “are fostering a Socialist plan to change the way we live, eat, learn and communicate to ‘save the earth.'”

Searcy told the GOP lawmakers gathered at the briefing that President Obama, in concert with business groups and liberal organizations like the Center for American Progress, are using secret mind control techniques to force the public into accepting their nefarious plans.

“They do that by a process known as the Delphi technique, [which was] developed by the Rand Corporation during the Cold War as a mind-control technique,” Searcy said. “It’s also known as a ‘consensive process.’ Basically the goal of the Delphi technique is to lead a targeted group of people to a pre-determined outcome while keeping the illusion of being open to public input.”

Searcy proceeded to compare Obama’s rural policies to Joseph Stalin’s Five Year Plans and Mao Zedong’s disastrous Great Leap Forward.

While the Delphi technique does exist and shocking Cold War mind control programs, most notably Project MK-ULTRA, were conducted by the CIA, US military and other government-controlled agencies, President Obama has done nothing to relinquish US sovereignty to any international organization.

But Georgia isn’t the only state where conservative politicians believe President Obama is planning to cede American sovereignty to the UN in the name of sustainable development. State legislatures in Tennessee and Kansas have endorsed measures banning the implementation of Agenda 21. Georgia Sen. Rogers has also introduced a bill that would block Agenda 21 from being implemented in that state.

The video footage of the closed-door briefing posted here was obtained by Seth Clark, an activist with Better Georgia, a political watchdog group.

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