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‘All Up In My Snatch’: ABC Affiliate Accidentally Airs Photoshopped Petraeus Bio Cover

While covering former CIA Director David Petraeus’s affair with Paula Broadwell, an ABC affiliate in Denver mistakenly aired a cover of Broadwell’s biography of Petraeus that was photoshopped with a raunchy new subtitle.

The Raw Story reports that KMGH broadcast an image of Broadwell and her book, “All In” altered to read “All Up In My Snatch.”

KMGH producer Deb Stanley told Raw Story that the image had been “mistakenly picked up off the Internet” and aired on the 5:00 p.m. local news.

“It was a mistake,” Stanley said. “And it was not something we created. We don’t want that mistake out there.”

It was an error worthy of a segment on Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart,” known for its parody covers of books and movies. Indeed, Stewart, who recently interviewed Broadwell about “All In,” did cover the Petraeus affair on Monday’s show, and even poked fun at Broadwell’s book title.

The KMGH blunder may have gone undocumented were it not for a quick-witted viewer, who recorded his TV screen and sent the footage to Americablog.

Petraeus, who was appointed CIA director by President Barack Obama last April after a distinguished 37-year career as an Army officer, resigned last Friday citing an extramarital affair. An FBI investigation uncovered the inappropriate relationship with Broadwell, and the scandal has now widened to include General John Allen, the top US commander in Afghanistan. Gen. Allen allegedly exchanged inappropriate e-mails with Jill Kelley, the woman who allegedly complained about harassing e-mails from Broadwell, prompting the FBI probe that revealed Petraeus’s affair.

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