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Catholic Faithful Flock to Virgin Mary ‘Miracle’ Stain in Malaysia Hospital Window

November 11, 2012 by Brett Wilkins in Asia/Pacific, Religion with 0 Comments

Hundreds of Catholics have flocked to a Malaysian hospital where the faithful claim they can see an image of the Virgin Mary in a window stain.

Agence France-Presse reports that nearly 100 devout Christians have gathered to pray and worship the image at the Sime Darby Medical Center just outside Kuala Lumpur.

They sing hymns, light candles and pray before the stain. Some have traveled from as far away as Singapore, more than 187 miles (300km) away, to witness what they believe is a “miracle.”

Many of those gathered at the hospital also claim they can see an image of Jesus Christ in another window two down from his “mother.”

“We believe Mary, mother of God, has a message for us, as she is looking down on us and then at a Malaysian flag,” local housewife Eunice Fernandez, 54, told AFP.

More than 60 percent of Malaysia’s 28.3 million people are Muslims, and Islam is the official state religion. Approximately 9 percent of Malaysians are Christian.

Father Lawrence Andrew, editor of a Malaysian Catholic newsletter, told AFP that the church would investigate and verify the “miracle,” and that the image “could be private revelations.”

“We have to make sure they are not imagined but real apparitions,” Andrew said.

“Miracle” sightings of Jesus and the Virgin Mary are not uncommon. In July, American Christians flocked to Baton Rouge, Louisiana to worship a statue of the Virgin Mary that they believed was “bleeding” from its head. Witnesses said they believed the bloody Mary was a “sign from above,” and it was– red-tinged bird poop was the most likely cause of the “miracle.”

A month earlier, a Texas family “found Jesus”— in the form of scum on their shower wall.

And who can forget this flawless image of Christ (y)our Lord and Savior, found in this pug’s asshole?

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