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Video: Fox 23 Tulsa Traffic Reporter Jeff Brucculeri Gives Dejected Romneyites Directions to Canada

Fulfilling numerous requests from viewers, a local traffic reporter in Tulsa, Oklahoma gave dejected Mitt Romney supporters on-air driving directions to Canada.

“I know a lot of people said that if their candidate lost the election, they’d be moving to Canada,” Jeff Brucculeri, traffic reporter for Fox 23 Tulsa said during Wednesday’s “Beat the Traffic” segment. “Not sure why, but that’s what some of the folks promised out there. So let me give you the quickest and directest route to Canada.”

Brucculeri then proceeded to provide driving directions to Omaha, Nebraska and up interstate 29 from there to the Canadian border.

“Literally I-29 will go to the Canadian border,” he said. “Now when you get to Canada… make sure you’ve got either your card or your passport to get into Canada. Then you’re going to get back on what is known as Highway 75 in Canada. It’s actually the Lord Selkirk Highway. If you’re moving to Canada, you need to know this!”

“This is serious stuff,” Brucculeri insisted to his laughing newsroom colleagues.

While plenty of Americans have been vowing tongue-in-cheek to emigrate to Canada since at least as far back as when George W. Bush was reelected in 2004, Canadian immigration attorney David Cohen told CNN that he’s received calls from disgruntled Americans seeking to emigrate to the Great White North.

“When they speak on the phone, they’re adamant. They feel very, very strong about it,” Cohen said. “‘This government doesn’t speak for me’ is the language that we often hear.”

But Americans seeking to pack it in and head north may be in for a rude awakening. Despite the fact that Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper belongs to the Conservative Party, American conservatism is much more right-wing than its Canadian cousin.

One wonders how these fleeing Romneyites will react to Canada’s high taxes, strict gun control and legalized same-sex marriage. And if they don’t like Obamacare because they think it’s socialized medicine, chances are they’re going to hate living in a country that provides universal health care to all citizens. That is, perhaps, until they get really sick.

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