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Jargett Washington, Naked, PCP-Crazed Carjacker, Eats His Own Finger

October 23, 2012 by Brett Wilkins in Crime & Punishment, Drugs with 0 Comments

Jargett Washington allegedly bit off and swallowed one of his own fingers while high on PCP in a New Jersey jail cell. (Police photo)

A naked, drug-crazed would-be carjacker arrested over the weekend in New Jersey defecated in a police car and ate one of his own fingers after being locked inside a jail cell. reports that 29-year-old Jargett Washington, who was believed to be high on PCP, allegedly stripped naked at an intersection in Jersey City on Sunday night and began beating on vehicles while screaming incoherently. Washington then allegedly leapt onto a car and attempted to pull the driver from the vehicle. The driver was able to fight the assailant off before police arrived on the scene just before 8:00 p.m.

Washington allegedly acted belligerently towards police, taunting them to “come on.” Officers then arrested the suspect and transported him first to Jersey City Medical Center (JCMC) for evaluation and then to the Hudson County Jail after he was medically and psychologically cleared.

While handcuffed in a holding cell, Washington allegedly spit at officers and ate the medical bracelet around his wrist. He then began chewing on his wrists in an attempt to free himself from the cuffs, police said. He was placed in a spit hood and leg irons and taken back to JCMC for another evaluation.

After being cleared once again, Washington was placed in a police cruiser where he allegedly defecated. Back in jail, he bit off one of his own fingers and swallowed it. He is now back at JCMC being treated and evaluated.

JCMC defended its initial decision to clear the disturbed man for release.

“When [Washington] was released the hospital felt he wasn’t a threat to himself or others,” hospital spokesman Mark Rabson told

The bizarre behavior exhibited by Washington is reminiscent of the so-called ‘zombie apocalypse,’ a wave of cannibalistic crimes and biting incidents that attracted widespread media attention earlier in the year. In one gruesome incident in nearby Hackensack, New Jersey, 43-year-old Wayne Carter disemboweled himself and threw his skin and intestines at police officers. Drugs such as bath salts and K2 synthetic marijuana were implicated in some, but not all, of the so-called ‘zombie attacks.’

PCP, the drug allegedly affecting Jargett Washington’s behavior, can cause users to hallucinate and act erratically or violently.

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