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Mom: “God’s Call,” Not Lack of Gun Safety, Killed 6-Year-Old Jenn Stanovich, Accidentally Shot by Brother

August 13, 2012 by Brett Wilkins in Religion with 0 Comments

It was “God’s call,” not a lack of gun safety, that explains the death of 6-year-old Jenn Alexandra Stanovich. So says the slain girl’s mother.

Jenn died on July 24 when her 13-year-old brother accidentally knocked a .22 caliber Mossberg rifle off a bed in their grandmother’s Culloden, Georgia home. The gun discharged when it hit the floor, and a bullet struck the little girl who was standing in the doorway talking to him.

The boy, who said he had been hunting armadillos in the backyard, said he thought the gun was unloaded when he laid it on the bed.

Jenn’s mother, Haydee Stanovich of Coventry, Connecticut, claims the little girl knew she was going to die in the days before the fatal shooting accident. She made a drawing with the words “I will miss you” and “bye” written on it. Whether that had anything to do with her upcoming trip to her grandmother’s in Georgia is not clear.

Haydee also told the Hartford Courant that Jenn told her about a keychain she wanted her to have. Haydee told her she could give it to her when she returned home.

“What about if I’m dead, what about if I die?” Jenn reportedly asked her.

“This is why we think she knew,” Haydee told the Courant. “Why would a six-year-old do those things?”

Haydee says she knows why Jenn died.

“It was God’s call,” she told the Courant. “There was no way around it.”

Actually, there was a way around it. Not letting children have access to firearms, for starters. Or, if you must, ensuring that those deadly weapons are always handled with the utmost care. If either of those two steps had been taken, Jenn Stanovich would still be alive today.

And she wouldn’t be the only one: According to Kid Shootings, a blog published by authors from the Ceasefire Oregon Education Foundation, Protect Minnesota and States United to Prevent Gun Violence, more than 3,000 children are killed each year by guns in the United States. Another 17,500 are injured.

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