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‘Douche du Jour’: Samuel Dye Arrested for Beating His Grandmother with Hammer & Trying to Rape Her

A South Carolina man who complained that he could not find a girlfriend allegedly attacked his grandmother with a hammer before attempting to rape her.

The Charlotte Observer reports that 20-year-old Samuel Dye of Chester was arrested and charged with attempted murder and attempted criminal sexual conduct.

Police claim Dye went to his 61-year-old grandmother’s home around 4 a.m. Thursday morning. Dye’s father heard her screaming and went to check on her. He allegedly witnessed his son on top of the woman, bashing her in the head with a hammer. He rushed in and pulled the attacker away from his mother and called police.

The woman told officers that Dye showed up at her home complaining that he could not find a girlfriend. He allegedly told her he was “going to get some” before assaulting her. She asked him to stop and suggested that they pray, but Dye apparently was not in a religious mood. He allegedly exposed himself and attempted to rape her before beating her with the hammer and mounting her.

Dye, who has no prior criminal history, is being held in the Chester County Detention Center.

This disturbing story comes just weeks after Trevon Isaac, a 15-year-old Colorado teen, was arrested for raping his 59-year-old grandmother while she slept.

In New Orleans, a man was arrested last year for raping his 85-year-old double amputee grandmother.

And in Detroit, 19-year-old Aaron Lee Moorer was sentenced to 15 years in prison for raping his 48-year-old step-grandmother in 2009.

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