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‘The Moral High Ground’: 4-Year-Old Hero Xander Vento Dies After Saving Little Girl from Drowning in Texas Pool

August 10, 2012 by Brett Wilkins in The Moral High Ground with 1 Comment

Xander Vento: a true hero.

A four-year-old boy who rescued a little girl who sank below the surface of a Texas pool has died after his parents removed him from life support.

The word ‘hero’ gets bandied about with far too much frequency these days. But Xander Vento, 4, of Ft. Worth certainly deserves to be called a hero. On Monday, Xander was beside the neighborhood pool at the Villages of Woodland Spring when he saw a three-year-old girl struggling in the water. Police say Xander jumped in, swam under the girl and helped her keep her head above water.

But Xander then got into trouble himself. Exhausted, he slipped under himself and was pulled up unresponsive from the bottom of the pool. Christy Daae, a supervising nurse in a hospital emergency room, performed CPR on the little boy as his shocked parents looked on in horror. Xander did regain a pulse as he was loaded on to a medevac helicopter and rushed to Cook Children’s Hospital, but he was in a coma and placed on life support.

On Thursday, Xander’s parents made the excruciatingly difficult decision to remove him from life support. He was pronounced dead at 3:20 p.m. The parents, Cris and Misty Vento, released the following statement:

“We have made the extremely difficult decision to remove our precious son Xander from life support. We send heartfelt thanks to all of you who kept our family in your thoughts and prayers. We’re appreciative of your love and support. We in some way hope that our son’s life serves as an inspiration. He was the angel in the pool who sacrificed himself to save another. And now he continues to give us an organ donor. We were blessed to have such a kind and caring boy as Xander, who set an example for all of us and even now will be saving lives by giving of himself.”

Being that the United States has no universal health care system, Xander’s family has been left facing daunting medical bills. A fund has been established in Xander’s name to assist his family with these expenses. Those wishing to contribute may do so by visiting

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One Comment

  1. Ron RicoAugust 15, 2012 at 6:40 pmReply

    Who is this witness that saw him be a “hero” and why did they have the time to notice all of these heroic details yet do nothing to save him? Seriously people… think about it?

    Where was his mom? Initially it was said in reports that she was getting a snack, then this hero story starts up.

    Sad for the poor child, but I ain’t buying it… I think the mom is hiding behind this story ashamed of her own dishonest negligence.

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