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“Ugly Black Babies”: Christian Pro-Life Activists Confront Racist Abortion Doctor Ron Virmani

A video posted on YouTube by Christian pro-life activists shows members of the group confronting a racist abortion doctor.

Members of Operation Save America, a Dallas-based fundamentalist Christian group, went to the Charlotte, North Carolina home of abortion doctor Ron Virmani last month and confronted him about his business.

Undaunted by the presence of the activists, Dr. Virmani shockingly claimed that by killing “ugly black babies” he was doing the American taxpayers a favor.

“Don’t put pregnancy and adoption on the taxpayers,” Virmani admonishes them.

“What does that got to do with the babies?” one of the activists asks.

“Don’t put it on the taxpayers, okay? I don’t wish to pay for the baby with my money,” the doctor replies without answering the question.

“You would rather profit off of those children?” a female activist asks.

“No, no, no, I am not profiting,” Virmani retorts. “I, as a taxpayer, do not wish to pay for those babies to be born and brought up and kill those people in Colorado.”

Virmani was apparently referring to last month’s movie theater massacre in Aurora, Colorado, the work of James Holmes, a 24-year-old graduate student who was adopted.

“Go ahead and pay for them,” Dr. Virmani tells the activists. “Let me see you adopt one of those ugly black babies.”

“If you tell us, we’ll adopt them,” one of the activists insists.

While the work of these Operation Save America activists is certainly praiseworthy, the group has been tainted by some shocking statements made by some of its members. According to Right Wing Watch, group leader Flip Benham claimed that Aurora shooter James Holmes was an “Occupy Wall Street guy” who is “the spawn of the ideology of the Democratic Party.”

“When we sow bloodshed in the womb we will reap it in the streets,” Benham declared. “It is God’s law.”

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