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Anaheim Cops Fire on Journalists Covering Police Killing Protests

Police in Anaheim, California fired pepper spray projectiles and bean bag rounds at protesters and journalists on Tuesday as demonstrations against the police killing of an unarmed resident and another man continued.

The Raw Story reports that at least two journalists, Tim Pool and Amber Lyon, were shot with non-lethal projectiles as they covered the unrest on Tuesday night. Pool says he was shot after identifying himself as a reporter.

Pool and Lyon were covering citizen protests against the Anaheim police over the shooting death of Manuel Diaz, a pursuit suspect who was killed when he fled from approaching officers on Saturday. Diaz was reportedly shot in the buttocks while fleeing, and as he dropped to the ground on his knees another police round was fired through his head.

In the wake of the Diaz shooting, furious residents took to the streets to protest the killing. Officers then used brutal force to disperse demonstrators. Rubber-coated steel bullets, pepper spray projectiles and shotgun-fired bean bag rounds were fired into a crowd that included many women and children; a police dog was unleashed on protesters including a woman holding a baby. Multiple bite victims were reported.

Anaheim police chief John Welter claimed the K-9 unit dog accidentally escaped from a police vehicle.

Then on Sunday came news that Anaheim police shot and killed another Latino man, 21-year-old Joel Acevedo, who was reportedly fleeing in a stolen vehicle. Police say Acevedo was armed and fired at them.

The Orange County Register reports that least 24 people were arrested as around 1,000 protesters clashed with police in downtown Anaheim on Tuesday night. Some of the demonstrators set trash fires, smashed windows and threw projectiles at officers. It was while covering this unrest that journalists Pool and Lyon were fired on by police.

Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait announced on Tuesday that the U.S. attorney’s office will investigate the two recent police killings.

“We will have a clear and complete understanding of these incidents,” Tait promised at a news conference.

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