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Faithful, Curious Flock to See Baton Rouge ‘Bleeding Mother Mary’ Statue – The News for South Mississippi

People down South are praying to what appears to be pigeon shit… and these folks vote, ladies and gentlemen.

The fervently faithful and the curious are flocking to a home in Baton Rouge, Louisiana after a statue of Mother Mary started ‘bleeding’ last Thursday.

WLOX reports that Hoa Doan’s husband was out mowing his lawn Thursday when he noticed something different about the face of a statue of Mother Mary that stood in his yard.

Neighbor Kim Pham explained: “He looked up and saw… kind of like blood. It dripped.”

“Everybody come over and we pray[ed] all night last night,” Pham said.

It wasn’t long before neighborhood residents, some of them people of faith, others just plain curious, began flocking to the Broadmoore Avenue home to see for themselves.

“The faith of all the people who are coming here is at stake,” one elderly man told CNN.

Hoa Doan believes what has happened is a ‘sign from above.’

“Everybody can come and pray,” she said.

Recent ‘signs from above’ include an image of Jesus discovered on a moldy shower wall in Texas and a crucified Jesus in the form of kudzu vines on a telephone pole in North Carolina.

An unnamed religious studies professor at Louisiana State University told CNN that occurrences like bloody Mary statues are “empowering” to believers.

“One way to think about it is to see how this is real to those who devote themselves to Mary and what that means to them as a kind of prayerful way to contemplate the role of Mary in their lives or Jesus in their lives,” he said. “And for many people, it’s empowering and it’s a way to return to a devotion.”

Moral Low Ground sees it as more of a case of delusion. If people want to get on their knees and worship bird diarrhea, hey, it’s a free country. But don’t expect the less birdbrained among us to hold back on the ridicule…

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